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Pajama Dressing

Ok, SO- you're probably like, pajamas, what? But before you get too confused, let me tell you pajamas aren't just for bed anymore. I mean, they are, but they're totally acceptable to wear outside the house too. Now before you run out of the house in your cat pajamas, let me rephrase this again- I'm hinting at pajama inspired items.

Blonde in the District | ELOQUII

Last summer ELOQUII came out with the most fabulous pajama inspired matching set that I eyed forever. Pajamas pants, I thought? How will I wear that? By the time I mustered up the courage to finally try the look, the pants were sold out. Even when they were restocked, they'd sell out within minutes. Luckily, ELOQUII brought back the matching set this year and I FINALLY scored a pair! Oh- and they currently have most sizes available right now!

When they arrived I eagerly tried them on and was pleasantly surprised. Not only did they fit great, but they were comfortable. Like, super comfortable! I feel like I spend so much of my time in dresses, that these uber comfy pajama pants were like a breath of fresh air to my wardrobe. I was so happy that I finally bit the bullet to try this trend, and I can't wait to wear them other ways, too.

Today I want to encourage you to look at styles that may seem intimidating to you <for me, it was the pajama pants!> and look at it more as a style challenge. Get that item you've been looking at or scared to try, and go for it! You may be surprised at how much you love the new style. Although you may not think it, I still psych myself out about certain trends and it takes some internal monologue to try it out.

To help you with styling trendy items, I wanted to share a few pointers on how I styled the ELOQUII pajama pants, in hopes it may help you if you choose to style the pajama inspired trend:

1. Wear them with a basic. I opted to wear them with a basic white tee with fun sleeves. This made the pajama pants really stand out as the focal piece.

2. Belt it or add an extra accessory. I decided to belt the pants and tucked the shirt in, to look a bit more polished.

3. Wear them with pointy toe flats or wedge/heeled sandals or espadrilles to elongate the legs.

4. If you're feeling brave, go all in and pair them with the matching top or a crop top, or even a sheer top! Or, if you like the matching pajama top, think of pairing the top with other bottoms like jeans or skirts, too!

5. Get creative! If you wear them with the matching top, look at tying up the shirt hem, or trying a half tuck to make the look uber stylish.

Shop ELOQUII Pajama Inspired Items:


Blonde in the District


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