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*Re-sharing this post from our Vegas vow renewal which was exactly 2 years ago on July 6, 2018!!!*

Original Post Date: July 23, 2018

Something that’s been on my bucket list for years is experiencing one of those cheesy <I mean cheesy in the most fabulous way possible> Vegas chapels for a wedding ceremony vow renewal. Why? Well, why not!

This December will mark 5 years of marriage for my husband David and I. Since we were married in Vegas <at a non-cheesy location>, I always had the idea to do a Cadillac vow renewal ceremony, as it always was something deep down I wanted to do. Our wedding at Caesars Palace was absolutely beautiful and I honestly could not have asked for a better day. That said, there were things about our wedding that looking back on, I wish I had incorporated.

I don’t mean that I have regrets about our gorgeous wedding, but there are things that I didn’t have the courage at the time to do as I was still finding myself a bit, and so was David. I always admired couples who were able to full embrace themselves at their wedding and do something crazy. Sure, it’s not “traditional” but as for us- we aren’t very traditional. We viewed this renewal as our chance to be who we are now, today, and celebrate almost 5 years of life together.

Of the few things I wish I’d had the courage to do at the time, was to have my hair dyed light pink for our wedding. I’ve thought about this for years, and recently had been toying with the idea with Illusions, specially for the vow renewal. About a month or so ago, I was at Illusions for a root touch up, and the new toner that Amanda used in efforts to make my hair the perfect icy tone, ended up turning my hair the most beautiful silver/lilac shade, and I thought- THIS IS IT. We decided that for Vegas my hair wouldn’t be pink, but rather lavender. More to come on the details of my lavender hair, but let’s just say that Amanda knocked it out of the park.

Another thing I wanted for our wedding, was either a sequin or pink gown. I decided to go traditional at the time, and LOVED my dress- It was perfect for me at the time and the fitting was so flattering on my figure. But, I took our vow renewal as the opportunity to wear a pink and sequins dress from ASOS with a fabulous Champagne clutch I found at Undeniable Boutique, and fun sunnies and earrings from Aldo. And to match, David wore an over the top sequin men’s blazer with denim and Vans- to fit his style perfectly. Paired together, our sequins were so over the top, but cool, and I absolutely loved the vibe!

Shop our looks:

One thing I do regret from our wedding is we had no photos on Las Vegas Blvd or Old Vegas. I had these visions of neon lights in our wedding attire, but we mainly stayed on the Caesars property instead due to timing. It was poor planning on my end and I did not schedule enough time for photos <Lesson for all you brides to be- pay for extra photo time!!!!>. So, this was another chance to have those photos with iconic Vegas in the background. I hired Vegas photographer, Erin Roberts, to take our post renewal photos, with iconic Vegas + our personalities as the main theme.

We decided on A Little White Wedding Chapel for our vow renewal and selected the Pink Cadillac “Tunnel of Love” ceremony which cost $95, and I added photos for an additional $90. The vow renewal was about 10 minutes tops and was perfect for us. The ceremony took place inside a vintage 1950’s pink Cadillac (essentially my dream car), and our close friends Roxanne and Dan accompanied us. The entire process was super simple. I booked the renewal online easily and when we got there, we checked in and the ceremony started about 15min later. It was seriously so easy. (Note- if you’re renewing your vows, you do not need to present your wedding certificate, but you will need to provide the date and city/state you were married. You also will need to provide a cash tip for the officiant).

Above Photos by A Little White Wedding Chapel during the renewal.

After the renewal, we took photos with Erin Roberts along Las Vegas Blvd by the chapel and then moved to Fremont Street- Old Vegas. From the get-go, I had sent Erin a mood board for the shoot, and she knew exactly what we were going for and captured our session perfectly. These photos to me are full of live and fun, and perfectly express who we are, today.

I couldn’t be happier with the decision to do a vow renewal and celebrate US! If you have a wedding anniversary coming up and don't know what to do, fly out to Vegas and have your vows renewed. Its totally worth the experience, plus whats better than a few days of fun in Vegas? ;)

Vegas Vow Renewal Photos by Erin Roberts Photography

XOXO Blonde in the District


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