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What Happens in Vegas...

I think this month I’ve made it pretty obvious that I adore Las Vegas. Earlier this month I spent 8 fun-filled days there which included a vow renewal, seeing Calvin Harris and The Chainsmokers, experiencing a true Vegas pool party, dining at amazing places, causing some damage on retail therapy, a spa session, and more.

One of the main reasons I enjoy Vegas so much, is anything goes. Literally, anything. Vegas is a place that you can escape for a few days and truly just live, in the company of others with the same “Vegas, Baby” mindset. It’s like an adult playground that is filled with glitz, glamour, booze, and bad decisions that make great stories, and there is truly nothing else like it. You may be thinking, “Stories? But what happened to, What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas?” Well, what happens in Vegas, goes on BITD, so here it is...

What really does happen in Vegas? Well, I’ll tell you from my perspective….

Fun. Loads and loads of fun. I’m not sure how, but literally doing anything in Vegas in fun. Maybe its just the general Vegas atmosphere, but I can walk through a casino and have fun, satisfied by the window shopping, looking at the themes of the slot machines, people watching (its amazing in Vegas!), taking in the casino décor <FYI one of my fave things to do in Vegas each trip is try to visit the restroom in each casino I go in, and rate which had the best mirrors and bathroom décor. Vegas has the most flattering mirrors- not even joking!> and a general understanding that everyone else there is there for fun too. Fun in Vegas in inevitable and not dependent on budget whatsoever. You can do Vegas on a high end budget or low end budget….. and to be honest I’ve had some of the most fun doing Vegas on a lower budget.

Parties. And it doesn’t matter what time of day. If love a great party, like me, Vegas is THE place to party. World class DJs and the best clubs in the world make Vegas nights some of my best ever memories. But Vegas nights aren’t the only thing that can party, Vegas also hosts many day and pool parties- and they are all insane, in the best way possible.

Gambling. While I’m not a big gambler, there’s something so fun about playing craps at a heated, loud table. I like to envision myself looking as glamorous as Sharon Stone from Casino at the craps table throwing the dice- although it’s normally after a night out and my heels are off on the ground next to me, and I often times accidentally throw one dice off the table, but hey- Vegas, Baby! Even though I’m not a big gambler, playing the penny slots and winning even just $20 is exciting to me and something I never experience at home.

All Nighters. You think New York is the only city that doesn’t sleep? Think again, because Vegas comes in close behind. Between the Vegas nightlife <clubs go until 5/6am, and most bars are open 24/7> and there being no clocks in Vegas casinos, before you know it, its 6am and you’re still up! Its said that Vegas casinos pump the air with oxygen to keep you up longer, and I totally believe it!

Extravagance. As someone who thinks more is more, Vegas is like my dream land. Everything is grandiose and over the top and flashy, with an added bonus of all the neon lights! I’ve never seen anything else as over the top as Vegas! Think high end cars parked outside of every casino, people decked in the most high end luxury designers, some of the best window shopping from luxury stores, and out of this world architecture and design, just to name a few....

Experiences. Vegas is full of experiences. Whether its experiencing the nightlife, spas, shopping, dining, gambling, shows, local attractions or day trips, there is literally something for everyone to experience in Vegas!

Psst- my co-ord set is from Lindy Bop! Lindy Bop is a UK brand that specializes in vintage and retro themed, affordable apparel! I took some of my fave Lindy Bop pieces to Vegas and they were perfect match of fun with Vegas fun!



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