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Crumbs & Whiskers

Its no surprise here that I love cats. This obsession is one that started when I was 5 and my parents bought me a fluffy white kitten, after I screamed and cried the whole way home that I wanted the kitten after a trip to the pet store. We got home, my parents called the pet store to hold the kitten, and we got back in the car to the pet store. And that, friends, is how it all started....

Growing up we always had cats in my home. My first cat, Harry- mentioned above- was a fluffy maine coon mix who was one of the biggest divas I've ever met. He was pretty, and he knew it. We had four other cats throughout my childhood- Twinkle Toes, Rocky, Frosty, and Jazz; and I have great memories of growing up among cats.

Four years ago, I adopted Chloe. I had been wanting a cat for so long, but at the time I was traveling 75% of the time at work, and adopting a cat was out of the question for me as I didn't want them alone all the time or neglected in any way. When I decided it was the right time to adopt a cat, I knew I wanted a black cat as they are sometimes the last ones to be adopted as some people consider them to be bad luck. I view black cats differently, and I think they are so majestic and striking.

I adopted Chloe from Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation at 2ish years old and I fell in love with her immediately. I wasn't concerned with her age, although some people view adopting older cats to be testy. I have been a supporter of Lost Dog & Cat and local animal shelters since then and my closet has become filled with style inspiration from Chloe- black cat purses, shoes, accessories- the list goes on.....

Shortly after I adopted Chloe, I heard about a cat cafe concept- Crumbs & Whiskers, proposed to open in Georgetown to house homeless cats and help them find forever homes. I followed Crumbs & Whiskers closely to monitor their funding, hoping they would open. As soon as they opened I made a reservation to go. Crumbs & Whiskers is a reservation-based cat cafe that houses homeless cats and cats in danger of euthanasia from high-kill shelters, in partnership with local rescue shelters. They provide them with a home at the cafe, help them find forever homes (all of the cats in the cafe are up for adoption!), and provide medical attention to cats who were injured as a result of being homeless on the streets or in bad living situations.

During your visit to Crumbs & Whiskers, you can order coffee and small bites and play with all of the cats at the cafe. It is such a fun and heartwarming experience and I leave each visit much happier than I walked in. And as if the cats alone won't make you happy, the cat inspired decor and fun coffee sleeves will definitely seal the deal. PLUS- what better way to shop for a new kitty?! I love the concept of being able to see your potential new fur baby in a good surrounding to really get a feel for their personality and know their backstory.

Crumbs & Whiskers also offers special events such as trivia nights and even cat yoga on Sunday mornings! To learn more about all things cats, head over to their website, and if you are a cat lover who hasn't been yet- I recommend you go right meow.


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