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The Trunk Clubhouse Experience

It’s been 6 months since I have started using the Trunk Club styling service and all I have to say about it, is I’m obsessed.

Trunk Club is a personal styling service and falls under the Nordstrom brand. My experience using Trunk Club so far has been incredible for a few reasons. The first, is the personalized styling. My stylist, Kirby, has been amazing in getting to know my style and sends me unique pieces and has introduced me to new brands I wouldn’t have otherwise found. Second, I love how easy it is to order a Trunk and you truly have a voice in what you receive. For instance, you can choose how often you receive Trunks at home, you can request certain items or request styles for an upcoming event or trip, or even schedule an in-person appointment at one of the six Trunk Clubhouses (locations in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, DC, LA, and NYC).

The Trunk Club service is simple. When you sign up, you are assigned a stylist (I recommend Kirby Markivich!) and you fill out a style profile. For each Trunk, you are given the opportunity to request items or tell your stylist of an upcoming event. Once your stylist has worked their magic, you are able to review the 10-15 items that will be coming in your Trunk. Simply accept or decline the items. Your stylist will adjust pieces based on your feedback before shipping. When your Trunk arrives, you are provided outfit suggestions and you can try on all the pieces and decide what you want to keep, exchange, or send back. The Trunk fee is $25, which is applied to your final purchase- but this is waived if you use your Nordstrom card!

After using the Trunk Club service for some time, I finally visited the Trunk Clubhouse in DC for a one-on-one styling session with my stylist, Kirby. In DC, the Trunk Clubhouse is located in the heart of Penn Quarter and is modern and chic. From the minute you walk in, you definitely feel like you are in a cool, stylish club and the décor is amazing, featuring local DC design elements. I also want to mention there is a bar at the Clubhouse, so you can sip on a beverage of your choice during your fitting - a huge plus in my opinion!

For each Clubhouse visit, you are assigned a private sitting area and dressing room to try on pieces curated by your stylist, in person. During my visit, I loved that Kirby could give me additional recommendations on ways to wear items and she even pulled more items like shoes and accessories to create full looks, based on what items I liked on! Another plus about the Clubhouse visit, is you are never rushed and it is totally on your terms. If you wish to stay for a longer amount of time, you can. If you are in a rush, you can be in and out in 30 minutes- it all depends on your schedule! Once you have decided on what items you love, you walk out with the pieces that same day, and even utilize the onsite tailor if you need alterations.

To get me fall ready, Kirby has put together some amazing looks that I’m obsessing over. In addition to new items that I’ve recently received in my Trunks or the Clubhouse, Kirby keeps track of items I’ve kept and sends items to compliment them. In my very first trunk she sent me an amazing light-weight trench that was perfect for spring transitional dressing. Now, with the shifting fall season, she has recommended new items that are well complimented by the trench!

Overall I must say that Trunk Club is like no other styling service I’ve used before. It has set the styling bar high, and has complimented my own personal style in a positive way. Between the personalization of items picked just for you, to the quality and limitless option of items at the stylist’s fingertips, and the option to shop in-person at the Trunk Clubhouse, Trunk Club has become one of my favorite shopping destinations. To learn more about Trunk Club and make your Clubhouse visit, sign up for your first Trunk here.


Blonde in the District

*This post is a sponsored collaboration between Trunk Club and Blonde in the District. All words, thoughts, and opinions belong solely to Blonde in the District.


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