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Karen Willis Holmes CURVE Bridal

I have often wondered what it would be like to get married today. Like, what if I David and I were married in present day. Maybe it’s from my influx of friends who have gotten married recently or are engaged to be married that have spurred these thoughts, but a wedding is something that <most> women think of, regardless if they are single, in a relationship, or married.

KWH Bridal

KWH Bridal Curve Collection

I always look back at my wedding day with much love and adornment and have always wanted to recreate this feeling. In July, David and I renewed our vows in Vegas and it was perfect. We celebrated in the city we were married almost 5 years prior, and we did things that I wish we’d done for the wedding.

While I have such positive thoughts surrounding my wedding as a whole, something that I have never truly opened up about was my struggle in wedding dress shopping. At the time, I was a true size 14, which in bridal was 16/18. Even as a size 14, my options for dresses were slim. I knew dress shopping was going to be difficult, but I never anticipated being legitimately turned away by a salon who told me they had nothing for me and only carried dress up to size 12. Yes, that actually happened. It was embarrassing and made me feel less of a bride, and worse- made me feel really bad about myself. This happened at a local bridal boutique in front of my family and friends, and after that, I dreaded dress shopping.

Locally, I only had 2 options for bridal boutiques that I knew of at the time that carried dresses in my size. The dress that I did end up choosing, a beautiful gown from La Sposa, was 10% more in price, since I had to order an “extended” size. As if it wasn’t bad enough to feel terrible I had limited options, I had to pay more too, because of my body. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my dress, but finding it was a struggle and I still associate it with a blow in confidence from the bridal industry.

Of all the planning and things that went on with my wedding, dress shopping was the most stressful. I had seen other brides have many options and I was angry that I had very limited options. In the past 5 years it has been incredible to see the rise in body positivity and inclusive sizing now offered by brands in the fashion and bridal industry.

“The Bobby” (with skirt overlay) KWH Bridal Curve Collection

About a month ago, I was approached by Australian Bridal designer, Karen Willis Holmes Bridal, to work together on the launch of their new Curve Bridal Collection. I was ecstatic. I finally felt like this was my time to share my story and make it positive as the industry has changed so much the past years, and we now have big name bridal designers like KWH Bridal seeing the need to provide inclusive sizing for brides-to-be of all shapes and sizes.

KWH Bridal is an international bridal designer headquartered in Australia, with a US showroom in the heart of New York City. Karen, the founder of KWH Bridal, began her business in 2000 based around couture gowns and created her own line designing bespoke wedding gowns with couture-like quality and ready-to-wear pricing. In 2012, Karen designed a Ready to Wear Collection which is geared at the modern, glamorous bride with qualities like exceptional fit and embellished and embroidered details that are common in her bespoke designs.

“The Karina” (with skirt overlay) KWH Bridal Curve Collection

As of 2 days ago, the KWH Curve Collection launched, and I can tell you first hand- it’s absolutely stunning. At the beginning of this month, I went to NYC to see the KWH Bridal showroom located in SoHo, and tried on each dress in the Curve Collection so I could tell you all about the gowns from my personal experience.

Upon first glance at the Curve Collection gowns in the magical KWH Bridal showroom, I was in awe. The detailing on the dresses is simply stunning and the silhouettes are flattering and classically modern. The Curve Collection is comprised of 7 gowns available in sizes 10-20 (with plans to add more sizing) between the price ranges of $2,500-3,500.

“The Nadia” KWH Bridal Curve Collection

The collection, Wild Hearts Curve, was designed to celebrate a woman’s curves and accentuate her beauty. The gowns are made with stretch lace to give the best fit on a curvy figure, with details like plunging necklines, high slits, fitted skirts, and long, glamorous trains. My favorite thing, other than the fit of the dresses, is the intricate details and design options. For instance, two of the dresses have the option of adding sleeves, and removable skirt overlays can be added to the dresses for an added flair or more traditional look, which can be removed. I honestly wish I’d had a removable skirt for my dress on my wedding!

“The Nikki” (with sleeves) KWH Bridal Curve Collection

I spent the afternoon with Karen and the KWH Bridal team, learning more about the brand. Speaking with Karen about her love of design and bridal was so inspiring and I commend her greatly on seeing the need for more inclusive sizing in bridal gowns. Karen personally helped me in and out of the gowns and I felt like a true princess all day. This experience is something that I lacked when I shopped for my dress, and it made me wish that I could go back in time and have experienced this positive and inclusive bridal environment with KWH Bridal 5 years ago. The gowns fit me and hugged my curves in the most flattering way, and I love each dress for different reasons. While these dresses are designed for bridal, I would totally wear them for special occasions or a vow renewal today.

“The Valencia” (with sleeves & veil) KWH Bridal Curve Collection

I feel honored that I can take a negative experience, and turn it into something truly beautiful with KWH Bridal. I wanted to share my story, to hopefully reach some of you who have experienced what I did and know you aren’t alone, but also know the industry is changing for the future in a positive way- thanks to brands like KWH Bridal. I also want to share this story with brides-to-be, or future brides-to-be, to know that you have beautiful, feminine, and classic options focused on celebrating your curves with KWH Bridal.

“The Nadia” KWH Bridal Curve Collection

To learn more about KWH Bridal, visit their Curve Website, or schedule an appointment at the KWH Bridal Showroom in NYC.

Photography by Arielle Lewis Studios.


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*This post is a sponsored collaboration between KWH Bridal & Blonde in the District. All words and opinions belong solely to Blonde in the District.


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