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Black Cat Coven

Who else reading this loves black cats?! If your answer is YES, then keep reading... if it isn't. keep reading anyways, lol...

As you may know, I have a deep love for black cats which stems from my rescue cat, Chloe. I adopted Chloe almost 5 years ago and she has become a huge part of my life. I adopted Chloe because when I was looking to adopt a cat, I wanted to choose a black cat as they are less than half as likely to be adopted due to people thinking they are bad luck or associated with witchcraft and spirits. This year for Halloween, my black cat loving friend The CaroLove, and I are throwing a Black Cat Soiree, which will benefit the Lost Dog & Cat Recuse Foundation, to sponsor black cats up for adoption.

Our event is tomorrow (Saturday, Oct 27) night at Hawthorne DC, with tickets costing $10 which includes a wristband for $7.27 Tito's mixed drinks, $5 Shock Top draft beers and $6 kamikaze shots and $10 tenders & fries. All ticket sales will be donated to Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation. The costume party will take place from 8:30-11:30pm and all are welcome!

To continue the celebration of black cats, I reached out to my friends over at Modcloth who sent Caro and I matching Halloween Black Cat skirts for our event shoot! One of the reasons I love Modcloth is their selection of fabulously unique items and prints- many of which include cats!! Today I'm sharing my favorite black cat picks from Modcloth, which you can still get in time for Halloween next week!


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