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LADY GAGA. Quite possibly my favorite icon ever. I still remember the first time I heard Just Dance and wondering who it was. In fact, I at first didn't like Lady Gaga. I don't think I understood her. I enjoyed her music but her over the top performances always left me confused and her costumes.... well, those left me confused too. It wasn't until Bad Romance came out that everything changed, and the "little monster" in me was born.

Bad Romance came out at a time in my life that I was literally in that exact scenario. I was in my mid-20's and literally in a bad romance, and it felt like the song was written just for me. I started listening to The Fame Monster 24/7 and started to get confidence in myself through her words- it seriously felt like she had gone through what I was going through at that exact time. To this day, I owe my boost of mid-20's confidence and recognition of my own self worth in relationships to Lady Gaga, who honestly changed my life through the words and music of Bad Romance, Alejandro, and Dance in the Dark.

I have followed Lady Gaga ever since and she will forever be my favorite icon. I've seen her in concert 6 times, and I'm hoping to make it 7 by the end of the year to see her Vegas residency, which happens to open on my 5 year wedding anniversary. Her positive energy and music feeds my soul and I cannot tell you enough how much I love her and have loved watching her evolve as an artist.

Previously for Halloween, I have dressed as Lady Gaga twice, and this year I decided it was time to dress as her for the third time after seeing a pink suit from ELOQUII that reminded me of her A Million Reasons music video. To make this costume really special, I also decided to pay homage to her by a full on Lady Gaga inspired photo shoot with Arielle Lewis Studios in costume.

Below left: Lady Gaga inspo from the Joanne album

Below right: Our recreation

For the shoot, I wore the ELOQUII Kiss Front Blazer and High Waist Trousers (no longer available wah!) with tan pumps and my Lady Gaga Joanne hat my husband actually surprise bought me at the Joanne concert last November. To complete the beauty look, I purchased cheap extensions from Amazon for added length to my hair and hired Felicia, a DC makeup artist to give me Gaga glam! I borrowed the guitar from my in-laws, and we shot the session at Arielle's studio in 52 O Street Studios on a late Sunday afternoon. We had a mood board with all the Lady Gaga inspo I'd collected up as we shot in studio, and we worked together to create the photos to look like Lady Gaga as much as possible.

The Inspo:

A Million Reasons music video

And just because I really love Lady Gaga & ELOQUII, I've recreated some Lady Gaga inspired XOQ outfits below because I feel like any day is a day to be inspired by Lady Gaga, and not just on Halloween!

Lady Gaga XOQ's


Blonde in the District


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