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Holiday Gift Guide: Party Shoes

I'm a firm believer of the whole one gift for you, two for me idea when shopping, lol. So, while you're out shopping for gifts this season, don't forget to treat yo self while you're at it, too. Hey, you've made it through another year and you deserve it! Today's guide was created specially for the treat yo self mentality, but also as a guide for those buying gifts for shoe lovers!

Photo by Arielle Lewis Studios at The Hour

One thing I like to shop for this time of year, is party shoes! With all the holiday parties and New Years Eve right around the corner its the perfect time to rock fabulous and festive shoes! From heels to booties, the sky is the limit when it comes to fun shoes, and I've created today's guide with the party girl in mind!

Fab & Festive Party Shoes


Blonde in the District


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