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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Crazy Cat Ladies!

Its finally here! Today I present the second annual BITD Crazy Cat Lady Gift Guide!

I had the idea to curate a gift guide specifically for crazy cat ladies last year, as cat themed gifts can be so much fun to receive- but only if they're done right. Themed gifts- especially cat themed gifts- can sometimes walk the fine line of immature/tacky, so I wanted to create a guide filled with ideas for elevated and classy feline gifts!

Below you'll find a range of purrfect feline gifts at all costs and all categories - clothing, sleepwear, home goods, handbags, and accessories. I hope you enjoy the guide and find some fun gift ideas for the crazy cat lady in your life!

Aristocat Marie Holiday Sweater from Box Lunch, no longer available, but here are some other options:

Crazy Cat Lady Gift Guide


Blonde in the District


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