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Holiday Gift Guide: The Hour

We’re 4 days away from Christmas. Raise your hands if you still have errands to run and gifts to buy. Me too, friends, me too.

As a last minute shopper myself, I know there’s many of you who are probably going to be running around shopping and buying last minute gifts or hostess gifts for all the parties you’re attending this weekend and into Christmas. I’ve been focusing my recent gift guides on local places that you can shop in person in time for Christmas. Today I want to share one of my favorite stores in Old Town with you, The Hour.

The Hour is a truly unique and fabulous boutique store focused on vintage barware. The shop is filled with sparkle and amazing glassware and complete sets that you likely cannot find anywhere else. The store literally glimmers with all of the glass treasures and just walking in makes me happy. I could browse the shop for hours, and I encourage you to do so when you visit, as inspiration and whimsy literally oozes off the shelves at The Hour.

The glass and barware designs range from classic vintage pieces, to intricately hand drawn works of art on glass, to festive holiday designs, and more. My personal favorite is a complete bar shaker and glass set adorned with a vintage poodle. When I say there is something for everyone to enjoy at The Hour, I’m not just fluffing my words. I can guarantee you there is the perfect gift for even the hardest to shop for in The Hour's inventory of thousands of pieces. Yes you read that right- thousands! And the best part- it’s all one-of-a-kind!

If vintage isn’t your thing, The Hour just launched a new glassware line, The Modern Home Bar, designed exclusively by The Hour owner, Victoria (see glasses above!). The designs were inspired by wanting to provide a modern option that has character like the vintage designs, but at a comfortable price point. A set of The Hour glasses would make a fabulous hostess gift, or a gift for those who love making cocktails at home. You can even find The Hour's new line in many of the bars in Old Town!

With Victoria, owner of The Hour

Whether you have shopping to do this weekend or you’re just in the mood to window shop, I urge you to pop into The Hour (Located at King St.) and admire this true gem in the heart of Old Town.

Photos by Arielle Lewis Studios. XOXO Blonde in the District


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