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ELOQUII Semi-Annual Sale

Right now, the only thing that is getting me out of the Christmas-is-over blues, are all of the amazing sales going on RIGHT NOW! My favorite plus retailer, ELOQUII, is at the top of the chart on sales with their Semi-Annual Clearance event with markdowns up to 80% off. YES, 80% OFF!!!!

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite picks from the sale, with each item $50 or under! If you are local to DC, or in NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, or Houston, you can also shop the sale in-store! If you are an online shopper, use the code SALE2018 for an additional 50% off markdowns - which is incredible and most everything is $50 and under! - and sign up for a ShopRunner account (free with a PayPal account!) to qualify for 2 day shipping!

XOQ Clearance Outfit Details:

(some items are already sold out from the sale, so I linked similar options!)

ELOQUII Clearance Must-Haves!

All prices below qualify for an additional 50% off withcode SALE2018!!

Matching Sets:

(Use code SALE2018!)

Clearance Tops:

(All $15!!!, Use code SALE2018)

Clearance Bottoms:

(All $25 or less!! Use code SALE2018)

Clearance Coats/Blazers:

(Use code SALE2018)

Clearance Dresses:

(Use code SALE2018)


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