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To me, FEARLESS means throwing caution to the wind and going for whatever you are looking to achieve. With all the talk of "the word of 2019" I have decided that mine is FEARLESS.

According to Urban Dictionary, Fearless means: Fearless is having fears, but not being afraid to face them. The voice in your heart over powers what you want to think.

"The voice in your heart over powers what you want to think," rings so true to me. Full disclosure here, I can't tell you how much I overthink things and psych myself out sometimes. I worry about failing, I worry about my blog not getting views, I worry about an Instagram post completely bombing and it hurting the opportunity of future sponsored deals with brands. I worry that my content won't be well received, or feel stale. I worry that I'm not a good enough blogger and will sometimes not go after something because I'm scared of rejection.


In my heart, I know I'm good enough. I know one bombed Instagram post won't completely kill my blog business. I know that I can produce quality work, and I know that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to do. I decided this year to not let my own thoughts get in the way of doing something powerful or moving, even if it is just for me. This year, I will be FEARLESS.

I will be FEARLESS with my style, FEARLESS to go after what I want, FEARLESS to try new things, FEARLESS in the workplace, and FEARLESS for my own goals. To remind me of my 2019 word of the year when I may be feeling down, I bought this Anger Kitty Pop Socket, to forever keep the word FEARLESS on my mind.

Will you join me in being FEARLESS this year, too?


Blonde in the District


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