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DTFind Inspiration in Art with OkCupid & Museum Hack

I recently worked with OkCupid on their DTF campaign, which empowers women to flip the otherwise derogatory term to make it something that women are *really* down for! One of my DTF moments is 'Down To Find Inspiration in Art'. I shot the campaign imagery at the National Gallery of Art with Arielle, and it made me think of the Museum Hack tour I did a few years ago. I still remember the tour to be SO fun and is PERFECT for a date! I decided to re-share my experience and give some inspo for a potential date idea whether you're going on that first OkCupid date, or looking for something fun and different to do with your longtime significant other!

As a side note- if you are open to dating, I do recommend looking at OkCupid. Given their campaign to empower women and promote finding love (including self-love!) through better dating in a totally respectable manner, I respect their brand greatly!


Review of the Museum Hack DC National Gallery of Art Tour

Original Post Date: June 9, 2015

Museum Hack Tour Guide, Molly, Degas' Little Dancer, and I

I recently saw an advertisement on Facebook for something called Museum Hack. Intrigued, I clicked on the link and to my surprise found what looked to be an awesome event that I HAD to go to. Museum Hack is a group of art loving tour guides who give private-led interactive group tours through the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Natural History in NYC, and most recently, the National Gallery of Art here in DC (2019 UPDATE! They also offer tours in Chicago, LA, and San Fran!). The tours are aimed to share unconventional, down and dirty gossip of some of the most famous pieces of art on this planet!

I eagerly signed up for a tour this past weekend to see what this was all about and my art loving friend, Hannah, attended with me. We were greeted at the tour meeting spot by Museum Hack Tour Guide, Molly, who was so bubbly and welcoming I knew this was going to be a great experience. Also as a side note- the logistics of this event are well planned and you receive detailed email instructions a day before and text instructions the day of on meeting location and time.

Just like Museum Hack's slogan, 'Museums are F***ing Awesome,' this tour is f***ing awesome. I don't want to give away details of all the crazy gossip and facts you learn on this tour about the history of certain artwork and artists (ahem, Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh for example), how some paintings got to the NGA, conspiracy theories, and other art gossip, but it all Seriously this is stuff you will not learn on a tour by yourself while listening to the museum provided headsets. This tour hits all the main highlights at the NGA and Molly is an excellent guide- she definitely knows her art and knows it well. She was a f***ing awesome tour guide, keeping an upbeat pace and sense of humor the whole tour. In addition to all the juicy art gossip on this tour, there is great interaction with the rest of your group, creative thinking and challenges, and you are even sent home with a silly souvenir picture!

Whether you go alone, on a date, with a friend, significant other, or group- this tour is a must-do in DC this summer! Tours are offered Saturday and Sunday at either 11:30am or 2:30pm and lasts 2 hours. Tickets are $49 and you can choose from three different tours or a Beta tour!

A few tips to tour:

1. Wear comfy shoes- there's lots of walking and standing.

2. Come with a fully charged phone! You'll use your phone for fun pics and creative challenges during the tour.

3. Attend with adults- the gossip can get a little racy (but great!) and is not for kids ears!


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