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Dinosaur Land

I still remember first seeing Dinosaur Land in an article about weird places in Virginia. Being a fan of kitchy themed parks, I noted it for somewhere I always wanted to experience. In an attempt to get some fresh new, out-of-the-box content for BITD, I decided now was the perfect time to check visiting Dinosaur Land off my list.

Located just short of 1.5 hours from DC, Dinosaur Land is an easy drive down 66 and country highways, leading to the park in White Post, VA, just outside of Winchester. The park is open daily from March - December and is under $10 in admission to get in (kids are $6 and adults are $8). Arielle and I hit the road early from DC one Saturday morning to experience the park ourselves, and create some fun and different content along the way. We arrived to Dinosaur Land around 10am, and the timing was perfect. There was one other family in the park when we arrived, but they left soon after we entered, giving us the full park to ourselves to have fun with.

The 'prehistoric educational park' (as they have defined themselves), is like something straight out of the 80's. It reminded me of my childhood and spending summers at amusement parks, although this park is much smaller and without rides. Instead, it features prehistoric, life-size renderings of dinosaurs, a shark, a King Kong, and more from the Mesozoic Era. Think Land Before Time meets Ice Age, and that's sort of what its like, lol.

Dinosaur Land was definitely a weirdly unique and fun experience, and I would go back. The park is perfect for family's, groups, or would even be a great day-trip date to visit the park and Winchester, and hit the wineries on the way home. If you do visit, I recommend getting to Dinosaur Land close to their opening time. We left around 11-11:15am, and by then there were a lot more people coming in.


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