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That's Money Honey: Do You *Actually* Need a Blog?

Today continues in Roxanne and I's That's Money, Honey Blogging 101 series and we're dishing about a somewhat controversial topic for influencers- whether or not you actually need a blog.

In the world of digital influencing, Instagram and Facebook are all the rage right now. While I'm by no way bashing Instagram or Facebook in this post - because lets face it, I love it too and it's an amazing way to connect with others and generate business - I am simply stating my own opinions on whether being an "Instablogger" is enough. And my answer is no. This is why:

1. You should not limit yourself to just one outlet for your brand.

You have different audiences in each channel, and not having a blog/website limits people who may not use social media from finding your amazing content. I can't tell you how many of my sponsorship inquiries have come directly from my website. Yes, its easy to find someone on social media, but why limit yourself to not being found through blog searches online, too? Consider it another way to grow business and your audience.

2. You can generate more paid content.

As you may have read in one of our previous That's Money, Honey posts, I rarely make Like to Know It sales from social media, the majority is from my from blog posts. You are losing an entire other avenue of making income by not having a blog. Think of all the affiliate links and sponsored blog posts from brands that can be done. I know, right now everything may seem like Instagram posts are the thing (and they are- right now, but who knows what that will look like in another few months or years), but there are many brands who also want an actual blog post about their product and you are losing money by not offering the option.

3. A blog is YOURS.

Who else remembers the "Instagram Blackout" of 2019? *Raises Hand* During the "blackout" when Instagram wasn't working for anyone, it spurred panic among influencers (myself included), with the thought of "What if Instagram is gone forever?"If something happened tomorrow and social media went away, would your following still be able to find you? The answer is likely no, unless you have a blog. A blog is your space and the only thing you actually own on the internet.

4. It gives your content a bigger picture.

There's a reason Instagram has the word 'Insta' in it- its an instant look into your life. People aren't looking for long-winded captions, they are looking for a pretty pic to like and then scroll on to the next one. I mean, I rarely read long winded captions, unless something in the very beginning catches my eye. I mean, do you read long AF paragraphs in Instagram captions? I didn't think so, lol. A blog gives you the outlet to really put your thoughts out there in a more organized and meaningful way. It allows you to create a beautiful story, concept, or experience through writing AND visuals. That said, I know of some influencers who don't enjoy writing but enjoy creating visuals, and if writing is not your thing that's fine- maybe instead of writing long blog posts share blog photo diaries instead with not as many words to still give your audience something else to look at and connect with you on another level.

Here's an example of being able to share more through a blog post about an experience in a structured way, when Roxanne and I did at Staycation at the WhyHotel last fall! Other than being able to share all the details from our stay and recap everything, our photos also had a backstory, and through my blog post I was able to accurately explain the thoughts behind the visuals, rather than just sharing them on social media without a lengthy explanation!

5. It makes you look legit.

Showing off your skills of writing, original thought, visuals, etc is impressive - at least, I find it impressive. It gives your brand added legitimacy for being able to fully communicate an overall concept, rather than just showing a visual on social media. It shows off your skills which in turn, results in more business and respect in the game.

See what Roxanne has to say about the topic over on Glass of Glam!


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