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Rodarte X Universal Standard

Today is a very important day in fashion for women of all sizes. Today, the much anticipated Rodarte x Universal Standard capsule collection dropped and it's pretty damn amazing. I am fortune enough to work with the brands on the launch of their capsule collection, which is available in sizes 00-40, and accessible (as far as fashion price tags go) with prices ranging from $150-240.

If you aren't familiar with Universal Standard (US), the brand was created in 2015 with the goal to provide women- no matter their size- with fashion-forward, quality designed clothing. They started with a 8 piece collection of 3,000 items that sold out within a week. To this day, US is one of the leading brands for inclusive sizing and is changing how fashion is seen by the industry.

To prove this point, that US (get it, their acronym spells "Us"? As is, "fashion for US...." clever, right?) is changing how fashion is seen by the industry, marks their collaboration with high-end designer label Rodarte. Known for their feminine, romantic, and playful gowns outfitted with ruffles and dramatic tiers, Rodarte is an LA-based luxury brand that has been featured on many, many red carpets since their inception in 2005. I have always been a fan of Rodarte, but I never- until today- expected that I would be able to wear - or even afford - one of their designs.

Jumpsuit c/o Rodarte x Universal Standard

Today that all changed. Included in the Rodarte x Universal Standard capsule collection are four items- a jumpsuit, a dress, a blouse, and a skirt- all available in black, red, rose, or white (depending on the item). The items range from $150-240, which is fitting given the quality of the fabric and tailoring of the items. The fit of the black jumpsuit is perfect, as if it had been specially tailored to my shape. What I love most about the collaboration, is that women from sizes 00-40 can all wear and celebrate the beautiful designs made for US.

I'm hopeful that this collaboration will spark more waves in the fashion industry, to show the importance of inclusive sizing for everyone, and that other designers will also take heed and begin to design for women of all shapes and sizes. You can learn more about the Rodarte x Universal Standard collection here, and if you're in NYC, you can visit the US showroom in Soho to shop in person.

Photos by Arielle Lewis Studios, featuring Scotch.


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