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Italy Travel Diaries: What I Wore!

Its been one week since I've been back from Italy. It has felt like the longest week, like ever, and to be honest, my mind is still in Positano sipping a spritz and taking in the breathtaking Amalfi Coast views. Le sigh.

To get things kicked off with my Italy Travel Diaries recaps, I'm starting the first recap post with one of my favorite aspects of travel- the style! Packing for a European vacation can be a pain, and as much as I read tips from other bloggers on packing light, I just can't seem to do it. I knew deep down in my 50+lb suitcase I'd be happy to have over packed to have fun outfits at my fingertips- especially in Positano! Below is a recap of all the looks I wore in Rome and Positano, with complete outfit deets and a few lessons learned on things to bring/not bring, and what to do beforehand to help you prep!

Rome, Day 1:

We arrived in Rome early morning an had the full day to explore. Since it was warm in the mid-60's, I decided to wear this flirty and fun ELOQUII x Draper James set to prance along the historic streets of Rome and take in all the sights. While my look is no longer available on ELOQUII, I linked a similar look below, that is just as cute!

Trevi Fountain Rome, Italy

Rome, Day 2:

Faced with pouring rain and cooler temps, I decided on this ELOQUII look to wear while touring the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. I also had pants I could have worn in the cooler temps, but I decided on a midi-length skirt because I didn't want the bottom of my pants to get soaked or dirty in the pouring rain since they were a little on the longer side. This look ended up being perfect for the day and I recommend buying this ELOQUII leopard skirt and white sneaks if you don't already own some ASAP for their versatility!

Rome to Positano, Day 3:

Back to sunshine and warmer temps, I decided to wear this ELOQUII pajama inspired set since we were traveling for the morning. We took the train from Rome to Naples, then a car service from Naples to Positano, I wanted to make sure I'd be warm in case the train or car was pumping AC. Also, this set is called "pajama inspired" for a reason- its SO comfortable, so that is another plus in travel days. I arrived to Positano feeling chic and fashionable, too!

Positano Day 4:

The weather was PERFECT this day, so my Aunt and I decided to take advantage and we had a full on beach day! Since we woke up early, we shopped a bit in town and I picked up this fabulous dress at local shop, Antica Sartoria, that I wore as a cover up to my fave ELOQUII swimsuit of the season!

For dinner, I decided on a feminine floral maxi from Ellos that I ended up wearing for photos the next day as well!

Positano Day 5:

We started the day off with early morning photos with Andrea Galluci through Flytographer! Following the photos I wore this fun and colorful ELOQUII top and palazzo pants to spend the full day exploring Positano! It was one of my favorite looks of the entire trip, and I got so many compliments throughout the day!

Positano Day 6:

For the last full day in the Amalfi Coast, we took the ferry from Positano to Amalfi and transferred to Ravello- a place I've been dyingggg to see! In Ravello, we visited the Villa Cimbrone and its gardens, so I wore this comfortable Ellos wrap dress, a fun handbag, and Marc Fisher sandals (that I wore on repeat this trip), to explore the beautiful mountain top town!

Positano to Rome, Day 7:

Since it was cooler for our travel from Positano back to Rome, I opted for jeans, an easy tee, and an ELOQUII oversized denim jacket. When we arrived in Rome and settled into our hotel, I decided to swap out my denim jacket for my metallic jacket for some added oomph to explore the Travstere neighborhood where we stayed for this portion of the trip.

Rome, Day 8:

For our last day in Italy, we decided to see all the things we had missed when we were in Rome the previous week. Since we were spending the day walking around and it was warm-ish weather, I wore this Nicholas dress from Rent the Runway, layered on top of a white tee to make it more casual for day time. I accessorized it with a Gucci belt to give the dress shape, and topped it with my oversized denim jacket in case it got cool. I of course wore the Marc Fisher sandals again, although my white Yeezy's could have worked!

Now for my Do's & Don'ts of packing for Italy:

Do: Bring a rain jacket! I ended up leaving mine at home on accident and there were days/times I could have really used it! I brought an oversized denim jacket and metallic moto for this trip, and I wore both a ton, especially during the evenings when it got cool and they both went with all of my outfits.

Don't: Bring a ton of shoes. I brought 4 pairs and I ended up wearing only 2 the entire trip. I went between my Yeezy Boosts by Adidas and Marc Fisher sandals. Literally I wore the Marc Fisher sandals almost the entire trip. They were so comfortable and worked with every outfit I brought- but I did break them in at home before the trip! TIP- in Rome, sneakers are a MUST! I wore sandals one day, and my feet were aching from the lack of support. They're fine for shorter periods of time but if you're going to be on your feet all day- go for sneaks! They were perfect for Positano, tho!

Do: Get a blowout at home the day you leave & bring smaller hair accessories! I did this, and I managed to keep my blowout for 4 days on the trip with minimal maintenance. On the day my hair started to fall flat, I used volumizing dry shampoo and put a ton of clips in my hair to give it some sparkle so it looked intentional, and not flat. I also experimented with a fun half-up pony tail that I wore sort of crazy which bought me an extra day between wash times!

Don't: Bring a ton of hair tools. Yes- even though I had gotten a blow out, I brought a curling wand and waver wand and you know how many times I used them? ZERO. Instead they took up prized space in my luggage.

Do: Splurge on beauty treatments before hand that can save you time! I splurged on eyelash extensions with Farideh for the trip and it saved me SO much time in the mornings not having to worry about eye makeup!

Don't: On the topic of makeup- don't bring a ton. I brought a bunch even though I had gotten my lash extensions and I didn't touch half of it! I used concealer, blush, highlighter and lipstick on the daily, and at night lined my bottom lash line with blue eyeliner and that was it.

Do: Pack jewelry that is versatile and can go with a bunch of different looks! Below were my go-to earrings the entire trip!

Don't: Bring a steamer. I brought my mini steamer and it died in literally 3 minutes with the electric conversion. RIP, steamer. Luckily I had steamed my things beforehand and rolled my clothing so wrinkles were minimal! I suggest holding off on bringing a steamer abroad, and instead steam everything at home before packing.

More to come in my next Italy Travel Diaries series, stay tuned!


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