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#DeepTime Preview at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

On Monday morning I woke up earlier than normal ready to get my week started. I was - for once - excited for Monday. My excitement stemmed from the fact that I'd be ringing in the work week with 700 fossils and the famous 'Nation's T. rex" at the all new Deep Time Exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History for a media preview.

Deep Time Exhibit

Deep Time Exhibit at Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Deep Time Exhibit Smithsonian

Spanning over 31,000 square-feet of history, the all new $110 million, five-year renovation of the David H. Koch Fossil Hall Deep Time exhibit takes us back 4.6-billion-years ago and finishes in the future. Let me say that again- 4.6-billion-years of history. Deep Time invites us to learn about Earth in new ways and see how our history is connected to our present, and how it will shape our future on Earth. The exhibit features ancient ecosystems, the evolution of plant and animal life, and 700 fossil specimens which include insects, plants, reptiles and mammals, and my personal favorite- the dinosaurs! (Fun Fact- I learned at the preview that the T. rex on display is known as 'The Nation's T. rex' and after my own research afterwards, I learned that our Nation's T. rex was found by a family while hiking in Montana in 1988- HOW COOL IS THAT?!)

The Nation's T. rex

The Nation's T. rex (in beast mode, lol!)

Upon entrance to the fossil hall, you will instantly be greeted by the prized dinosaurs that once walked the Earth, which is truly a moving experience. It's so incredible to see our Earth's history unveiled right before our eyes. The thought of these ancient creatures is something that seems so far from existence IRL, but Deep Time will make you think otherwise when you are standing face to face with the 66+ million-year-old Nation's T. rex, which also happens to be the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons ever unearthed.

Deep Time Exhibit Smithsonian

Deep Time Exhibit Smithsonian

Deep Time Exhibit Smithsonian

While there is a complete awe factor of the entire Deep Time exhibit, there is also an important underlying message. In learning about our rich history backed by scientific evidence, we are also learning about human actions that have driven Earth's rapidly changing climate. Deep Time invites us to understand how the choices we make today will impact the future of our planet that will live on far beyond our time.

Deep Time Exhibit Smithsonian

Deep Time Exhibit Smithsonian

The Deep Time exhibit in the newly renovated David H. Koch Hall of Fossils is unveiling it's curtain to the public on Saturday, June 8. It is the perfect exhibit for all ages from young to old- and is a truly remarkable experience. To learn more about the opening events this weekend and special hours, visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History website.


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