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11 Honoré Luxury Summer Style

My whole life I have watched as designers showcased beautiful designs down runways and thought to myself “I wish I could wear that.” I have always been a fan of designers and have looked up to many of them for what they have done for fashion and style, but I have admired them with one topic always pulling at my heart- “why don’t they make that in my size?

About 2 years ago, a brand named 11 Honoré emerged and I felt like my fashion life was finally complete. The missing puzzle of having designer clothes in my size was finally fit into the bigger picture. If you aren’t familiar with 11 Honoré, they are an online based fashion site that for the first time ever gives more women the option to experience the best designer clothing and celebrate and honor their bodies, beauty and style. I have been a fan of the brand since they launched and I love that I can finally have access to the luxury designers I admire.

11 Honoré carries some of the best designers in the game who have realized the need to design for women of all sizes. Names like Christian Siriano, Tanya Taylor, Jason Wu, Brandon Maxwell, and many more, grace their collection of gorgeous designs. Specializing in sizes 10-20+, 11 Honoré is the first brand to provide the quality of luxury designers to women like myself, who have yearned for quality, beautiful pieces in our closets.

While I do love trends and fast fashion items from time to time, I also love to build my wardrobe with statement pieces that embody my unique sense of style- especially in the summer! In the summer months, I find myself going to more events than usual and turning to pieces that are filled with charisma. Since 11 Honoré carries pieces that are both charasmatic and gorgeous, I’ve been tapping into their site to round out my summer wardrobe.

One of my favorite new designers right now is Tanya Taylor - her styles are the epitome of charisma! They are bright, colorful, and lively, and they are carried on the 11 Honoré site! I recently ordered this Antonia Dress, and I’m obsessed! I ordered this style for its versatility and its vintage pin-up style. I love that it can be worn during the day with white sneakers and a cute tote, for a summer afternoon brunch - as I’m wearing here- with block heel sandals and a fun bag, or for a cocktail party or wedding with a metallic pink or green strappy heeled sandal and clutch bag! For a cooler day, I’d even pair it with a white tee underneath for a causal look.

This summer, tap into your style identity and explore the 11 Honoré site for your next statement piece that not only honors your body and beauty, but rounds out the summer wardrobe you’ve been waiting for!

*Photography by Arielle Lewis Studios*


Blonde in the District

*This post is a sponsored partnership between 11 Honoré, Shop Style, and Blonde in the District. All throughts and opinions belong solely to Blonde in the District.


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