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Fall Work Style with Trunk Club

I’ll be first to admit that I am not as much of a fan of shopping for work clothes. I personally have much more fun shopping for and buying all the over-the-top fun sequin, pink, printed goods that I normally wear on the weekend. I almost feel like I live a style double life sometimes given the fact that I wear more subdued clothing during my 9-5 full-time work hours, and then literally anything goes during nights and weekends.

Since I don’t love shopping for work clothes as much, I enlisted some help from my Trunk Club stylist to send me some killer work pieces for fall, after realizing I needed a little refresh. I’ve been utilizing Trunk Club now for over a year and a half and I love the variety of items that my stylist has sent me. Since Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company and carries the same brands, they have tons and tons of options at their fingertips! Literally everything from party attire, to workout outfits and bathing suits, to work wear- Trunk Club has something for every occasion. My stylist, Kirby, has gotten to know my style so well over the past year and a half and sends me pieces that perfectly align with my style likes, and also pushes me to try new trends. By way of Trunk Club, I’ve also been introduced to new brands I may not have known about before.

Since suits and monochrome looks are super in style right now, my stylist sent me these two suit sets that can be worn together or as separates that are both perfect for fall office looks. I love how both of these looks make me feel and I love how elevated I feel in them- like a boss! The purple suit is perfect for work and I love the color which sets the entire look apart from the typical black or navy power suits you normally see in the office. To add a touch of personality, I paired the suit with these metallic pink pumps Kirby sent me in a Trunk last year! That’s another thing I love about Trunk Club- my stylist has kept track of the items I keep from every Trunk, and sends items that I can wear with pieces I already own!

For the second suit look, I love that this is like a non-traditional suit, but still formal enough to wear to the office or even for a client meeting for my blog. I do like to dress up when I’m meeting potential Blonde in the District clients, so I love that this set can double over from my contracting job to my personal blog business. The burnt orange color is something I may not have picked out for myself, but loved it when I tried it on- this color is so good for fall! The cami underneath matches it perfectly and I can wear it with so many other options, too. The dot details on the duster and pants is also a fun addition that I feel brings some oomph to the overall look. I feel like a fancy, confident woman in this look and I like that I can wear it belted or unbelted, and each piece can be worn in other ways.

Trunk Club has made me excited for workplace style, and reminded me that workplace clothing does not have to be boring or subdued. You can still play up looks with color, fun prints, or small details that show your personality. If you’re also in need of a little work style refresh, check out Trunk Club either online or in person at one of the Trunk Clubhouses (DC, we have one!) to help get you started! I seriously can’t recommend Trunk Club enough and I have loved utilizing Trunk Club myself the last year and a half!​


Blonde in the District

*This blog post is a sponsored collaboration between Trunk Club and Blonde in the District. All thoughts, words, and opinions of this blog post belong solely to Blonde in the District.


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