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Queen of Hearts

One of my favorite things about fall and winter style (other than being able to wear my white knee high boots 24/7, lol) is the outer wear!! As basic as I know it sounds, fall and winter are my absolute favorite seasons for style. I live for knee high boots, fab sweaters, leather pants, and all the faux fur and fabulous jackets that I can find. Last winter my husband told me I had a “jacket hoarding” problem, and I’m expecting that "problem" to only be amplified this season with all the jackets I’ve already seen online and in store. Its only November and I’ve already gotten 2 new jackets- one being the focal point of today's post! The second you’ll see on here very soon ;)

​Since fall and winter come with a stigma of a certain color palette (for example, for fall it’s all burnt orange, yellow, burgundy, and brown; and winter it’s all black, winter white, and gray), I like to think a little out of the box when it comes to my jackets and coats. I still like to express my style quirkiness these months to keep a sense of whimsy, so I’m always on the hunt for fun prints and colors that allow me to express myself. In the summer I’ve found this is so much easier to do since everything is colorful and bright and fun.

I was recently on the Nordstrom website looking at the selection of coats and I came across this Heart Jacquard Topper by the queen of color and style expression herself, The Atlantic Pacific, and her collaboration with Nordstrom brand Halogen. I HAD TO HAVE IT. I ordered it telling myself how much I was going to wear it this wear and as soon as it arrived I put together this look and shot it pretty much the next day, lol. While the colors of this topper are black and white, the fun heart print instantly adds fun, whimsy, and the style of it with the flared bottom makes it look so classy! I decided to play into the black and white hearts for this look, so I paired a heart print sweatshirt, leather skirt, and polka dot tights under the topper. I added my white knee high boots (I told you all I was living in them 24/7 this season, remember lol), and heart print earrings and a headband to pull the entire look together.

If you’re wondering of how to mix prints like this so they complement each other and don’t clash, I’ve got you covered:

1. You can totally mix prints with various colors, but I find it so much easier to start out by mixing prints of the same color scheme. For example, this topper and sweatshirt work so well together since they are both black and white, although they are different heart prints. Think of this also with plaids, polka dots, leopard, and florals! 2. On the flip side, if you want to make a super bold statement, look at mixing the same print in different colors. 3. Use an accessory to add in prints on a smaller scale. I have a printed headband and polka dot tights in my look to add more print to the overall look! 4. Mix prints of various sizes. For example, if you have a larger sized print top, pair it with a bottom that has a smaller sized print and vice versa.

*Photos by Arielle Lewis Studios.


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