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2019 Gift Guide for the Party Hostess

With holiday parties coming out the wazoo (literally there are SO many this year!!) I wanted to create a gift guide for cute gifts for the hostess! When I attend a party, I always love to bring a little something to thank them for welcoming me into their home and for extending the invite for their party to me! I know its not always required, but I find that its a nice adde touch and shows that you appreciate the invitation! Also, from the other side, receiving a nice little gift from one of your party attendees feels so good, especially after all the planning that goes into throwing a party!

Cat Sweater and Holiday Robin Skirt both from Lindy Bop.

Below is a list of fabulous hostess gifts all for $30 and under. These gifts will be sure to brighten your hostesses day, and also will ensure you receive an invite back next year ;)

$30 & Under Hostess Gift Guide


Blonde in the District


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