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Paris Fashion Week - Look 1

Coming off the brink of my amazing first ever Paris Fashion Week experience, I've decided that instead of doing a crazy long recap of everything I wore in Paris, that I'd share each outfit as a post itself!

For our first day in Paris, the plan was to grab an amazing lunch at the original Angelina, head to the all new Harpers Bazaar fashion exhibit, visit showrooms, and pick up a mailed show invite from my dear friend Chloe who let me use her address for a show invitation to kick off PFW. Since the first day in Paris is always difficult with jet lag, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible- plus we'd be walking a lot, so comfortable shoes were key! I decided to wear a look that may be one of my faves from the trip, all focused on vintage elements because I wanted the look to be elevated, but different. I styled a vintage blazer from local vintage retailer More Than Your Average, vintage Chanel earrings, and a fabulous vintage LV bag, with the most comfortable Spanx leggings and Dr Marten's boots. I loved how effortlessly elevated this look was, not to mention the comfort level was through the roof!

Vintage Blazer from More Than Your Average | Vintage Chanel earrings from The Real Real | Vintage re-purposed LV bag from New Vintage Handbags

The location of these images was taken both by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (close up pic above) and the Trocadero Gardens which is one of the best places for close ups of the Eiffel Tower- definitely a must do in Paris!


Blonde in the District


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