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Cute Pajama Sets for #QuarantineLife

I don't know about you, but it has definitely taken me some time to process this new way of COVID-19 life and our new reality. I've been pretty quiet on the blog, conflicted about what to share in these trying times.

After much internal conversation and back-and-forth on whether I should still post fashion-related content, I've decided to continue posting fashion as it not only brings me joy, but I hope it gives you an outlet and is hopefully something to look forward to. My focus will be shifted to content that is now more relatable than ever before (although I have always tried to be as relatable as possible) with a focus more on fashion for quarantine life.

This brings me to todays topic- pajamas. When all this started up, I knew I wouldn't be wearing my work clothes or fun clothes for awhile, and I started looking for cute pajama sets because admittedly, I don't own that many pj sets, but I knew I'd benefit from them during all the upcoming lounge time at home. Today I'm sharing some super cute, affordable, pajama sets that will not only feel great to lounge in, but will also be fun to wear on all your catwalks to the refrigerator and back, lol. I hope you enjoy these fun sets, and if you have any requests for quarantine fashion or beauty tips, email me here!

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during this time of crisis.


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