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Black-Owned Businesses to Know in Old Town Alexandria

Over the past 2 weeks, my heart has been very heavy. It is outrageous that the black community still needs to fight to have a fair voice and faces social injustice. Racism in our country has gone on for too long and it must end. No one should be fearful of their life or be treated differently because of the color of their skin. I have been looking inward to assess how I can be better and really show up to support the movement for social equality and justice.

I have researched and found a few solid ways to support: through research and education, so we can better understand other's points of views and experiences; through donations to organizations such as Black Lives Matter, The George Floyd Memorial Fund, and The Loveland Foundation; writing to local elected officials and signing petitions- you can sign here for Justice for Breonna Taylor; and supporting black-owned businesses.

I have seen a bunch of lists for DC black-owned businesses in circulation on social media, but I hadn't seen a specific one for my community in Old Town Alexandria. Admittedly, I did not know of many- I only knew of a handful from existing relationships and social media, so I did some research online as well as polled my audience on Instagram for recommendations. I'd like to thank those who submitted businesses (especially Christina of Sharp and Sound Style who sent me her list, many of which I listed here as well- see her list here).

Below is a list of black-owned businesses located immediately within or in very close proximity to historic Old Town Alexandria (I added the Old Town ALX neighborhoods so you can get a better idea of their exact locations, too!). If you know of any businesses I missed, please let me know so I can update the list!

Starting at top left to right (images credited to each individual business owner or creative): ThreadLeaf, Donna Lewis, Haute n Chic Hair Extensions, Ambitiously Cierra, Sharp and Sound Style, Fashion Mabe, Hazel O Salon, Tops of Old Town, Charlene's Kitchen & Catering.


Charlene's Kitchen & Catering

ALX neighborhood: Old Town

Dolce & Bean

ALX neighborhood: Del Ray

Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats

ALX neighborhood: Old Town & Mobile

Hawii Ethiopoan

ALX neighborhood: Old Town

Haute Dogs & Fries

ALX neighborhood: Old Town North

Hen Quarter

ALX neighborhood: Old Town

The Rub Chicken & Beer

ALX neighborhood: Old Town


Donna Lewis

ALX neighborhood: Old Town

Harambee Books & Art

ALX neighborhood: Old Town


ALX neighborhood: Old Town

Tops of Old Town

ALX neighborhood: Del Ray


Allure Hair Loft

ALX neighborhood: Eisenhower East

Bare Skin Waxing

ALX neighborhood: Old Town

Cynthia Santana Hair Studio

ALX neighborhood: Eisenhower East

Elle Hair Studios

ALX Neighborhood: Eisenhower East

Good Brows

ALX neighborhood: Old Town

Haute n Chic Hair Extensions

ALX neighborhood: Eisenhower East

Hazel O Salon

ALX neighborhood: Old Town

Head's Up Barber Shop

ALX neighborhood: Old Town


Ambitiously Cierra

ALX-based Blogger

Asha Maia Designs

ALX-based Designer

Donna Lane Photography

ALX- based Boudouir Photographer

Fashion Mabe

ALX-based Influencer & Plus+ in the DMV Podcast

Sharp and Sound Style

ALX-based Blogger (Christina also has a list and a Guide to African-American History in Alexandria!)


Foundation Fitness

ALX neighborhood: Del Ray

Frolick Dogs

ALX neighborhood: Eisenhower West

Manumission Tour Company

ALX neighborhood: Old Town

Maurisa Potts- Spotted MP

ALX-based PR firm


Blonde in the District


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