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1/20/2021: A NEW DAWN

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

My first post of 2021. Admittedly, I planned on my first post of 2021 being much sooner, but with the insurrection on the Capitol on Jan 6 and everything that has ensued in the two weeks following, it just didn't feel right to me to post as if nothing was wrong with our country, much less what I was feeling emotionally. Seeing our beloved city of DC on lockdown, patrolled by armed forces, and with tons of businesses closed, you could say I've been feeling less than my normal, happy self.

Inauguration season in DC is what we live for. I still remember the 2009 Obama Inauguration week vividly. I was 24 and it was my first time ever experiencing an Inauguration as a local. Parties and galas, meeting friends in DC bars and partying til 4am yelling "BARACK OBAMAAAA" while taking celebratory shots, and freezing in 20 degree weather huddled around strangers crying and cheering on the National Mall as Obama was sworn into office. These memories are ones that will not be replicated. Between the pandemic and the threats on our democracy, DC will not have a typical Inauguration this year.

In the midst of a non-typical Inauguration, I am still excited for this historic moment for our country and I'm hopeful for change, unity, and the positivity we so badly need right now. I wanted to write todays post as a positive reinforcement for hope. Tomorrow, our country will welcome a President who (I believe) will unite us once again. We will witness the first ever

female, Black, South Asian American Vice President be sworn into office- and I can already tell you, I will be emotional. What this means for women- what this means for women of color.... it's historic, and more important- powerful. A woman will finally have a seat at America's table that has been dominated by white men for the past 244 years. America is a country of possibility and tomorrow- we will truly witness its magic.

May tomorrow bring a new dawn, new positivity, and new hope, where we can all be united as Americans once again.


Blonde in the District


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