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Dresses & Combat Boots

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

If there's one trend of 2020- its comfort. I have been easing into the trend myself the past few months and to be completely honest....I'm all here for it. However, while we are dressing more comfortably, I do want to encourage us all to still make our comfort items fashionable. I also want to distress that 'comfort' doesn't always have to be sweats or jeans or sneakers. It can still be a bit extra, with the simplicity of switching out heels for flats.

Since I peronally feel most comfortable in dresses, one way I incorporate a more casual, comfort look is through my choice in footwear. Luckily for us, combat boots are still very much in style (in fact, I think they are *always* in style), and I adore the appeal of wearing a girly dress with a more masculine shoe. Dresses and combat boots are an ultimate way to still be stylish and comfortable at the same time- the combination gives the perfect amount of 'extra' to a look, but isn't fussy or overdone.

While I'm on this combat boot + dress kick right now, I wanted to share some combat boots that are comfortable and stylish in all styles and price points, and show some ways I've incorporated the look into my style!

And for some splurge-worthy options....


Blonde in the District


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