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Express Yourself with MINI

toot toot - beep beep! Last month I had the fun opportunity to test drive a @MINIUSA Countryman in partnership with Passport MINI of Alexandria and let me tell you…. It was SO fun to drive!

I’ve been previously familiar with MINI’s as my Aunt had one and I remember how much she loved it. In fact, anyone I’ve talked to that has owned a MINI has LOVED them! I’ve always thought MINI’s are so cute and I must admit… I’ve been thinking of the MINI I test drove from Passport MINI of Alexandria every day since I dropped it off! It was such a treat driving the MINI Countryman around Old Town ALX and DC in style! Especially since I usually drive a large SUV, it was fun to zip around town in the chili red MINI - which also happened to be a perfect match to my favorite lipstick color! And can we please talk about the parking? Driving and parallel parking in the narrow city streets of Old Town and DC has never been easier! I felt like an extra in The Italian Job (if you know, you know! Lol).

In the two weeks I drove the MINI Countryman, I fell in love with the features and the ride. The ride is smooth, yet sporty, and incredibly easy to drive. The model I drove had a display feature which showed the speed limit and current speed on the dashboard which was great to keep me in check so I didn’t get carried away with her smooth drive along the GW Parkway (wink, wink!).

I also loved the large sunroof that spanned to the back seat- and while we’re on the subject of the back seat… I have to tell you about the space! Although the MINI Countryman may look small, I can promise you it is incredibly spacious inside! I drove friends to the airport in the MINI and between 3 adults, 3 suitcases, 3 travel bags, and one extra large box, we all fit comfortably *and* had space for more if we needed it! I also lugged about 10 boxes full of my Pretty Kitty porcelain cats and decor to an event all in the MINI.

The drive, easy parking, and space weren’t my only favorite features, though. Some of the more fun features like changing the interior lights to a pinkish purple and the split navigation and media display that easily pairs to your phone through CarPlay and is touch screen really topped off the overall experience. I am officially a MINI fan!

When I picked up the MINI Countryman from PASSPORT MINI of Alexandria, I experienced amazing customer service from the team. I was shown all of the in’s and out’s of the MINI Countryman before I left the lot which was so helpful in getting acclimated to the car. Having a family owned and operated business myself, I appreciate that Passport MINI of Alexandria is also owned by a local family in Alexandria, VA- you know I love supporting local! Passport Auto has a second MINI dealership in Maryland- Passport MINI of Montgomery- and Passport MINI is the #1 Dealer of MINI’s in the nation!

After driving the chili red MINI Countryman, I understand why red cars are so fun to drive! I had fun matching my lipstick, nails, and outfits to the bright color of the MINI and viewed it as an added touch of self expression! Style is a form of self expression & so is your car! In addition to chili red, Passport MINI of Alexandria has hundreds of in-stock MINI options available now in a variety of bold and fun colors. Express your personal style and visit MINI of Alexandria to take home the @MINIUSA of your dreams!


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