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Florence in a Carry-On

In February I made a last minute decision to travel to Florence, Italy with my Aunt Pam and in a fit of anxiety about lost luggage, I managed to fit 4 days worth of outfits in a carry-on luggage. Sound wild? I know. I almost can't even believe it myself, ha!

As someone who is an avid over-packer, I'm still boasting to my husband (who was a non-believer) that I was actually able to conquer such a feat. I will say, I was mostly able to do so out of a fear of lost luggage after seeing all the madness on overseas flights a few months back. I'd heard it was better, but I wasn't willing to take the chance, so I set my mind to it: I'd *actually* pack strategically.

As I was starting to think of what to pack, I looked at our agenda and what I absolutely needed 'certain' looks for and where I may be able to get away with a re-wear of items. While I still packed a few things I didn't wear (only 2! Not listed below, fyi!), I managed to create a number of looks that spanned 4 days and various activities. In all seriousness, I could have gotten by with less, but I had a vision for a few outfits I absolutely needed....specifically for pictures at Gucci Gardens and a wine tour to Chianti Region.

Here's a few key points I considered while packing, and my packing list.

FYI- In February temps in Italy were around 40-60 degrees (fahrenheit).

Tip 1: Do a serious inventory of your shoes. If they don't have any kind of support or you can't wear them for long lengths of time in multiple environments and flooring, don't bring them. That said- there are some instances you may absolutely need them (for instance, a pair of heels for a wedding or fancy event during your trip), but if you do not need them for a specific reason, don't bring them. They will likely just sit in your luggage taking up space.

Tip 2: Pack complimentary colors so you can easily mix and match pieces for variation. Although I'm usually very bold with my color choices, I opted for primarily black pieces so I could easily put together my outfits with minimal effort since everything matched, and I incorporated color/print in my jackets and accessories.

Tip 3: Accessorize! Since jewelry takes up little space, bring a variation of necklaces/statement earrings. Changing your jewelry is a great way to make a look appear different. Wearing the same thing from day to night or for a second day in a row? Swap out smaller earrings for large, statement earrings for a twist!

My Italy Packing List:

1x pair of jeans

1x pair of black pants

2x black turtlenecks- one traditional, one with cutout detail

2x fun dresses (specific items I bought for Gucci Gardens and the Chianti wine tour)

1x pink statement faux leather trench (heavier for cooler temps)

1x lightweight statement trench (lighter for warmer temps)

1x travel outfit- leggings, sneakers, and lightweight sweatshirt

2x sneakers

1x combat boots

Fun mix of jewelry


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