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My Experience with gettacar!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

SURPRISE! I GOT A NEW CAR!!!!! Say hello to the new Blonde mobile, friends!!!! It’s been 2 weeks since I ordered my new car online from gettacar, and I’m in love! I haven’t had a new car in ages and I forgot how good it feels to have a shiny new car to look forward to when driving around town!

gettacar x Blonde in the District

Admittedly, cars were never really my thing pre-pandemic. I live by the metro and before our worlds were turned upside down, I heavily relied on public transportation for my daily commute and ride share for after work and blog activities/events. With more time at home the past 8 months, I’ve found myself driving way more than I ever did before and my husband and I decided it may be time to get a second car to relieve the stress of sharing a car since my public transportation and ride sharing habits have basically been put on pause.

Over the summer, we rented a car for our corona-cation to Cape Cod, and were upgraded to an Audi Q5. I fell in love with the car for many reasons but the main reason was the comfort, beautiful interior, and the ultra-smooth driving. After the trip we decided to look at purchasing an Audi as our new car and the stars aligned in the most perfect way. While I was car shopping, I happened across gettacar. I wanted an Audi Q5 or Q7 and there it was on their website- a 2018 Audi Q7 with all the features I wanted! It was meant to be. gettacar had the exact car I wanted for a great price, and loved the idea of doing EVERYTHING online.

When I bought my last car, I was so nervous to go into a dealership on my own, as a woman, in my mid-20’s. I knew I could be taken advantage of since I don’t know much about cars and I had my dad go car shopping with me and help me negotiate rates, financing, and everything in between. Going to a car dealership to this day still gives me anxiety, so gettacar’s online model took the anxiety and time commitment weight off my shoulders. It was honestly perfect.

gettacar offers 100% online car buying and was so insanely EASY. There is no middle-man or haggling on prices, which was a relief for me. From selecting your car, to filling out financing forms, and even trade-in quotes, everything is done virtually. After finalizing paperwork, my new Audi Q7 was delivered to my doorstep within 48 hours. I think the best part of it all, though, is gettacar gives you 7 days post-delivery to test out the vehicle. Yes- 7 days to literally test drive the car to make sure you love it! If for whatever reason you don’t love it, you can return the car. I personally knew after 1 day I loved the car, but I did like knowing I had a test period, just in case!

gettacar x Blonde in the District

If you’re in the market for a new car and want to save time, energy, haggling, and do everything easily, I HIGHLY recommend looking into gettacar! It was such a positive experience from beginning to end and I am totally in love with my new ride!


Blonde in the District

*This post is a sponsored partnership between Blonde in the District and gettacar. All thoughts and opinions are based off personal experience with gettacar and are owned solely by Blonde in the District.


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