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My Paris Looks

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

For my recent trip to Paris, I wanted things to be easy. Since we had only 3 days, I knew packing a ton of things was not practical in such a short timeframe. I styled looks that were within the same color schemes (black, white, and pink/red), to make things easy for mixing and matching. Normally I'm one to overpack, but this trip I'm so proud to say I FINALLY packed the perfect fits! I wore everything I brought *and* my suitcase was under the weight limit! Wild, right?

Below are all the details of my Paris looks. While I opted for color, most Parisians wear all black, so if you want to blend in more, opting for all black chic looks will be your best bet. They also keep it simple. The trends I most saw while in Paris are black leather pants, jeans, or mini shorts/skirts with black or patterned tights, worn with boots (I saw a lot of Dr. Martens & Chelsea lug sole boots) or sneakers, a black top/sweater, long winter coats, and of course- scarves!


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