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New Year, Same Me

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

To kick things off in January for the new year, I decided to share old creatives on social media with the theme “New Year, Same Me” as a way to go against the typical messaging promoted every January: ‘new year, new me.’

While it *is* important to evolve and grow as individuals, it is also important to look back at things you accomplished or created that you are proud of. I find it a great source of inspiration as it encourages us to tap into past feelings & ideas that made us grow, succeed, or taught us something about ourselves

I personally have found tapping into WHO we are is the most authentic way to live, grow, evolve, create, and just be. Creating a “new” persona to succeed in a “new” year just doesn’t do it for me.

Over the month, I shared the #NewYearSameMe series to share older content that I'm proud of. As I was looking back on some of the content, I realized I hadn't shared some of the visuals here on the website and so, I wanted to share! I hope it encourages you to think of past creatives or projects that you are proud of & tap into those feelings that made you feel great & take THAT energy into 2023. We already have it within ourselves to be great- we don't need to create a 'new' version of ourselves.

January 2020: Studio Test Shoot

March 2019: Dinosaur Land in White Post, VA

June 2020: The Iconic Crown Wigs in Old Town Alexandria

(sadly, Crown Wigs has closed since this image was taken)

October 2019: Glen Echo Park, MD

December 2018- Part 1: Rosslyn, VA

December 2018- Part 2: On the Metro

Various 2017-2021: A collection of black and white images

*All images by Arielle Lewis Studios*


Blonde in the District



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