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OSEA Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers

In the same theme of women-owned businesses for my posts last week, I wanted to introduce you to a brand that I have loved for awhile and recently partnered with- OSEA. OSEA is a clean skincare brand based in Malibu, CA, and all of their products are derived from USDA organic seaweed and are vegan and cruelty free.

I started using OSEA products about 2 years ago and I have loved the constant quality of their products, their integrity as a brand, and that it was founded by a woman. Founded in 1996, the OSEA brand was built after a line of women from the same family believed and witnessed first hand the powerful effects of the ocean and most specifically, seaweed, can have on our bodies. All OSEA products are derived of seaweed which contains powerful minerals and nutrients that are utilized to transform, nourish, and rejuvenate skin cells. I'm not lying when I say I feel like I am transported to a beautiful, calm ocean when I use OSEA products. I have consistently had OSEA in my beauty cabinet and regime for the past 2 years.

At the top of my OSEA faves is the Undaria Algae Body Oil. This oil *literally* makes my skin glow and is packed with antioxidants and infused with a blend of luscious seed oils - Acai, Babassu and Passion Fruit (trust me- it smells AMAING!) - to firm and hydrate skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It is an absolutely delicious and luxurious product, and I couldn't help but share it in time for the holidays, as it would make a perfect gift for beauty lovers on your list <or yourself! ;) > this year. I'm also rounding up a few of my other OSEA faves below for some additional gift ideas.

OSEA recently partnered with Ulta as part of Ulta's Conscious Beauty Initiative, which features clean ingredients, cruelty-free, and vegan brands, and brands with sustainable practices that are making a positive impact. You can find the above products at Ulta online or in select stores.


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