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Pretty Kitty

Last week I launched my first ever home and jewelry shop- Pretty Kitty! Pretty Kitty is a whimsical and nostalgic vintage and modern boutique all focused around... you guessed it- kitties! Before you write me off as an official crazy cat lady, let me fill you in on the reason behind it.

Image credit: Arielle Lewis Studios

During the pandemic, I, like many others, took to redesigning my home space. Due to back orders and shipping delays on modern items, I started shopping for vintage pieces that were more readily available- and, frankly more unique. I’ve always liked to be a bit different and the current design trends of minimalism just aren't me. As I started shopping vintage more and more, I realized I could accomplish a fabulous aesthetic that I loved and that no one else would have.

I got hooked on shopping vintage and finding one of a kind items that made me happy when I looked at them. If there's one thing I believe in- its surrounding yourself with things (and people) you love and make you feel good. I started collecting cat items specifically- the more kitsch, the better. It’s no surprise I've had a love for cats (since I was a little girl, in fact!), but the concept stemmed from my want of a 1970’s white ceramic cat, like the one my grandparents had at their house that I admired throughout my childhood. I admired that beautiful ceramic cat so much and when I was decorating my sunroom, the idea of adding one of these cats kept coming back to my vision. But where would I find one? I took to the internet and found an EXACT match. I ordered it and when it arrived, it gave me the most nostalgic, feel-good happiness and it matched my vision perfectly. Or should I say “purrrfectly”!

Image credit: Arielle Lewis Studios

I went on to collect more retro cats and funky vintage items that made me feel good and brought me happiness in my home. Then, in May/June after Chloe was diagnosed with feline cancer and passed on, I felt a grave loss and emptiness and honestly, I almost felt like giving up on a lot of things I've worked so hard for since I was so depressed. I did some soul searching and the thing that kept coming to my mind was “the cats.” The idea to start my own kitty themed product line is nothing new. I have notes in my phone dating back to 2018 with the idea of starting ‘Pretty Kitty’ although I wasn’t sure how or what the products may look like. It was over the summer that the idea fully came together and I decided to finally go for it.

Over the past months I’ve been sourcing and have a fabulous collection of kitties that I’m so excited to share with you. While the collection is primarily kitty focused, I do have a handful of other fun animal pieces as well because I love all animals and I love nostalgia.

Image credit: Arielle Lewis Studios

Ultimately my goal of Pretty Kitty is to provide unique items that make me feel happy and nostalgic and I hope it does the same for you. I’ll be listing items as I source, so be sure to check back as the inventory will be rotating. I also have some modern pieces for those of you who may not be into vintage- but I’m hoping Pretty Kitty may change your mind!

Pretty Kitty is not only to promote happiness through feel-good items, but its also to support homeless animals. A portion of proceeds will be donated to animal rescue organizations to support animals finding their forever homes.

I hope you enjoy Pretty Kitty!


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