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The Last Straw...

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

...except this straw isn't an annoyance, rather- a staple for this spring! Last summer after seeing straw tote bags everywhere, I decided to rent one from Rent the Runway to see if it was something I'd actually wear. I ended up holding onto my straw bag rental for the summer months and I wore it over and over again! I returned it, not knowing if straw bags would be back this season, but it's becoming very clear to me that straw and canvas tote bags are not going anywhere this year, either.

My rental tote from last summer, available at RTR!

As I've been browsing all the spring arrivals on my favorite shopping websites, I'm noticing the tote bag is everywhere- even more-so than last year! Both in straw and canvas styles, I'm seeing tons of variations in design, pattern, color, and they are going to be a perfect spring and summer item that can be worn with lots of styles and to almost any occasion.

Admittedly, I have been so partial to crossbody bags for years that my own tote bag collection is lacking. I'm currently on the market to purchase one for myself, but with all the fabulous choices its very hard to choose! As I've been searching, I've been saving my favorites to compile into a round-up as well, to help fuel your searches if you're in the market for one, too!

My Straw Totes Faves:

My Canvas Totes Faves:


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