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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Allllright you may be sick of my dishing about how much I love white boots the past 2 fall/winters, however, can I just say how excited I am that white boot season is upon us?!?!?!

Last year and the year before I wore white boots EVERYWHERE for the fall/winter. I, for one, was finally excited that I found a pair of white knee high boots that actually fit my calves thanks to ELOQUII, and I literally never looked back. I wore the white boots with everything and wore them so much I'm surprised they are still wearable! I even bought 2 more pairs of the exact same boot so I can have them for years to come, lol. You could definitely say the obsession is real.

Why am I so obsessed? Well, for one- white boots go with EVERYTHING. Literally everything. They also look chic AF and make any look elevated and stlyish. They are also a great transitional piece for this time of year. I've been wearing my white boots with my spring/summer dresses I'm not quite ready to retire for the fall yet, and they not only look great, but make the look fall ready!

After wearing my white boots for the first time recently, I decided to do a round up of some fab white boots to kick start (literally) white boot season! Enjoy!


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