Makeup Monday: Fave Reds

January 23, 2017

It is no surprise that I am a sucker for red lipstick. As I've gotten older it has become one of my favorite makeup staples. In my early 20s I remember being so scared of red lipstick, but as I got older and more adventurous, I decided to give it a try. It was actually a Dior makeup artist at Sephora who finally turned me, and I owe him so many thanks for making me try it. 


 Photo by Lauren Joseph


While I'm always on the hunt for a great red lipstick, I continue to have my faves that I wear over and over again. I know shopping for red lipstick can be hard, so I'm sharing some of my trusted reds that I always have in my makeup bag as a recommendation whether you are new to red lipstick or a seasoned red lip vet. I have been wearing some of these colors/brands for years- and I still can't get enough. If you are someone who shy's away from reds, I urge you to try one of the below to test it out. I tend to gravitate to classic reds with my complexion, but I honestly think classic red can be worn by anyone. Red lipstick comes with not only a classic and feminine feeling and look, but I swear to you it even boosts confidence. I honestly feel like I can run the world when I have on one of my fave reds. Don't believe me? Check out the quotes below, all by women, about red lipstick.