Stitch Fix Picks

January 17, 2018



This past fall I was introduced to Stitch Fix and decided to try them out, first hand.  If you aren't familiar with Stitch Fix, they are an online styling service that picks clothing and accessories fit to your personal style and delivers them directly to your door. The brand has options for women sizes 00-24W and XS-3X (including petite and maternity); and men's sizes XS-XXL. 


To be completely up front here, I never thought I’d like the idea of having clothing picked for me. I’m super picky, and I actually enjoy the physical art of shopping. Yes, I just referred to shopping as an “art” because to me- it is. It takes time, planning, patience, and strategy. While I enjoy shopping, I do understand that many people do not love shopping the way I do. As a blogger, it is part of my job to realize that others have different preferences when it comes to style and shopping. To connect with readers, I sometimes try things that I may not have tried before to open myself to other opinions and experiences that I can then recommend or refer you to, with detailed reviews so you know what to expect. And this is exactly what happened with Stitch Fix.


  Clutch and Jumpsuit from Stitch Fix.


I decided to let go of my idea that I was too picky to like anything that someone else would send me, and I went for it. You can read my first impression of the brand here, but as a recap- my first box was just ok. I sent it back, hoping that the next box would be better. I was told by Stitch Fix that the first few boxes can be a hit or miss as your stylist is getting to you know and your likes and dislikes- which makes complete sense. With each fix, the selection has gotten better and better. My stylist has done an incredible job of hearing me out and seeing things I’ve liked and things I have hated- and now my fixes are full of things I love, and even things I would never pick for myself, but love once I try it on. 

 Crop Top from Stitch Fix.


When I registered for Stitch Fix, I was in need of tops. I own dresses and jeans out the wazoo, but I was seriously slacking in the top and sweater department. When I shop for myself, I am drawn to dresses – so when I made my style profile, I opted to select tops as an item I wanted in all of my fixes. Since working with Stitch Fix, I now own tops that I would have never otherwise owned. The tops range in styles (they sent me a crop top recently, which pushed me in a positive way!) and they are all very different- that’s something else I love about my stylist- she has never sent me the same thing twice!