Like Mother, Like Daughter

August 4, 2019

August 4 is a day I will forever remember as the day I lost my mom to cancer in 2001. Today marks 18 years without her kick ass presence I still remember so vividly and it marks the awakening fact that I have now officially lived more than half of my entire life without her (I was 17 when she passed away). On the 15 year mark of her passing, I wrote a post dedicated to her labeled ETERNAL STYLE, which in 2016 focused on some of her key styles, and in 2018 I added to the post by recreating some of the looks. 



This year, I wanted to focus on sharing more about the ways that she impacted my life through beauty, perception, and confidence. I also wanted to recreate one of her looks as I loved recreating her looks last year, and I find its a way for me to honor my love for her. The image I decided on this year is one of my mom that sits on my desk at home and its been with me everywhere the last 18 years. Its been with me to college, to Europe during my study abroad, to all my apartments, and currently lives in plain sight at home to remind me to keep striving to accomplish what I’m passionate about, as she was the biggest striver I’ve ever known. 



 I recreated this image of my mom that was taken probably around 1998. She was working on the hill at the time and this was taken either at the White House or at the Capitol. In my recreation, I'm wearing a blazer dress from ELOQUII, and accessoried it with her exact same purse from the original photo and one of her Hermes scarves.