Coco Rocha Model Camp

October 4, 2019

Its been just over one month since I attended Coco Rocha Model Camp (CRMC), and I'd be lying if I said I haven't thought "what would Coco Rocha do," every day since. At the end of August, I embarked on a personal journey to attend Coco Rocha's model camp and what I got out of it was so much more than the study of pose. 


To give some history here, Coco Rocha was one of the first people I ever followed on Instagram when I signed up for the platform back in 2011/2012. I had seen her in magazines and I was so intrigued how it seemed like she could transform into any sort of look. That and her poses. They just spoke to me. She made it look so easy to convey a message without having to speak. I have always viewed modeling as a form of acting, but even harder because you can only use your emotion and pose to convey the message, instead of your words.


Ran into Coco Rocha at NYFW after attending CRMC the week before! / Photo by Arielle Lewis Studios


Modeling and photography has always been an interest of mine. My parents were photographers and I grew up in front of the lens, which is why I think I'm so comfortable in front of a camera. I even wanted to be a model when I was young, but I had many things against me- my height (too short), my smile (I had massive dental cosmetic surgery when I was 17), and ultimately, my size. Even though I could come to life behind a camera as a young girl, I was still very shy. In an effort to bring me out of my shell my mom put me in acting school and I liked it so much I was involved in community theater my entire childhood/teenage years and I initially went to college for theater (I later switched to Communications because I was an immature 19 year old who didn't get cast for a few shows after being cast in everything my freshmen year and decided to quit instead of persevere). I gave up acting and my dreams to be a model after being told no too many times, and looking back- that is one of my biggest regrets. 



When I started my blog now almost exactly 5 years ago, I think in part I wanted to reopen this side of me that I had shut away. As I got more serious about blogging, I got more serious about the visuals. While my dad was my first blog photog since he had a background of photography and was perfectly priced at $free.99 (thanks, Dad lol), I eventually started hiring out photography because I found photo editing was not my forte. I turned to editorial-esque photo inspiration, both because I wanted my photos to look high fashion and I wanted to emit the feeling and emotions of acting that I missed, but also I wasn't seeing a lot of women in magazines or digitally that looked like me, so I wanted to create my own ideals of what editorial photos COULD look like for women who may look like or relate to me too. A huge shout out to my photography partner, Arielle Lewis Studios, who has helped me bring this vision to life the past 2.5 years.