My Five Favorite Beauty Picks on

January 28, 2020

As a little girl, I can still remember going to Nordstrom with my parents in Tysons Corner. It was the cream of the crop- a perfect shopping experience that my parents loved and passed down to me. I have fond memories of dining in the Nordstrom Café with my parents, back to school shopping with my grandma, and visits to the beautiful salon shoes to ogle over designer shoes with my mom. I’ve been a Nordstrom shopper literally my entire life and I still consider Nordstrom to be one of my favorite places to shop.


While I love a visit to Nordstrom, as the time has changed, shopping has evolved and online shopping at Nordstrom has become a habit for me. In college when online shopping really became a thing, I would order my makeup and beauty items online since I couldn’t find the same products in Radford, VA. When my package would arrive, I would be so excited that I could finally have products I loved delivered to my doorstep in the middle of the mountains in Southwest Virginia. While I still remember this excitement from first experiencing ordering Nordstrom online, this is still a feeling I get whenever I receive a Nordstrom package at home, to this day.




What I love most about Nordstrom, is the unlimited options of clothing, shoes, handbags, home goods, and one of my personal faves- beauty. Nordstrom is my one-stop-shop for some of my favorite makeup, hair, and fragrance products as they carry SO many great brands and I can order everything in one shipment, instead of having to look at various places since other stores don’t carry everything I love in one place. Today I’m sharing my five favorite beauty products all available from that I either order on the regular, or have been investments that have totally added oomph to my beauty regimen, like the Supersonic Hair Dryer!


My Five Favorite Beauty Buys!


1. The Supersoinc Hair Dryer- definitely an investment for sure, but man do I love this hairdryer! Not only does it dry my hair super quick, but it is designed to protect hair from extreme heat damage and increases smoothness and shine. I am OBSESSED with it and I don’t think I’ll look at another hair dryer ever the same!