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Illusions x DC Women of Style

One thing I am always passionate about is #womensupportingwomen. I think it is important to support each other because its already a tough enough world out there, and having the backing and support from your women peers not only betters yourself, but opens opportunity for new friendships, collaborations, and general feel good vibes.

Photo credit: Illusions of Georgetown

In blogging, I have met a network of amazing women who range from bloggers to business owners, and the network has grown into a full on supportive tribe. We support each other, collaborate, share ideas and boost each other up. One business I work with in particular where the supportive nature runs thick is Illusions of Georgetown. You may have seen some of my posts on Illusions, and I absolutely love working with this business- not only are the stylists extremely talented, but the overall vibe of the salon is focused on empowering their customers.

Illusions of Georgetown empowers not only their customers, but local women powerhouses in the DC community. Illusions participates in the D.C. Women of Style monthly series where a fierce woman leader is featured for her support to the local community. In addition to Illusions providing hair styling services, other local DC businesses participate in the initiative, including LiLi The First boutique in Georgetown for clothing styling, Conceptual Beauty for makeup services and PHOTOPIA for photography, with the article published through The Georgetowner.

This month's D.C. Women of Style features Frederique Irwin, founder and CEO of Her Corner. Her Corner is a organization focused on supporting women entrepreneurs grow their business. I really enjoyed this month's feature, so I wanted to share it with all of you to enjoy as well! I love reading about women who have committed their time and efforts to support other women as they follow their dreams. Read this months D.C. Women of Style here, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! See a preview of the article photos below, with Frederique Irwin looking fabulous! Photography by PHOTOPIA.


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