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Bubbles & Bloggers Barbie Brunch

Fun Fact: did you know Barbie turned 58 this month? Barbie was released on March 9, 1959, marking March an important anniversary month for the beloved doll! When I started to plan the March Bubbles & Bloggers with the extreme help of Caroline, I didn't even put two and two together that it was Barbie's birthday month (as it is Carolines!) when she requested a Barbie theme for our brunch meet up. Knowing the theme would be a complete hit- and it was- I eagerly agreed this was a fabulous theme for brunch!

Bubbles & Bloggers

The March Bubbles & Bloggers Barbie Brunch took place at Hawthorne DC, located on U St. You've probably heard of or been to their rooftop that has a retractable roof and awesome DC views. While I had only been there once for Happy Hour, Caroline is a huge fan of the restaurant so I was very excited to try their brunch, plus I knew it had to be good since their sister location, Mission, tops my list of fave Mexican restaurants in DC. The planning for brunch was a breeze thanks to their Events Coordinator, Kati. Kati was unbelievably easy to work with and super responsive to all of our emails. Upon arrival they had already set up our area and even gifted us each a mini bottle of champs- how amazing is that? Our waitress, Skylar came over and introduced herself and was seriously on point and provided us amazing service throughout the brunch. Even the owner, Fritz, came by to say hello and changed the lights on the floor for us to pink to match our theme! Caroline also had a company, Fox Fete, sponsor some decorations for us that were used for the centerpieces and a custom 'Bubbles' banner! The setup was the best!

The bottomless brunch for $35 is a steal! Since we had a large party, we opted for the family style brunch which features bottomless drinks of mimosas, bloodys, orange crushes, beer, and a shot of whisky, plus family style served brunch food such as bacon, chicken and waffles, eggs Florentine, French toast, and fresh fruit. Hawthorne was also very accommodating to our vegan members and provided special dishes off the family brunch menu. The food was fantastic- seriously. I'm not sure if some of you know this but I had a bad incident with chicken recently and haven't eaten it in some time. The chicken and waffles looked SO good, that I tried it and my gosh was it delicious. Not only did Hawthorne serve one amazing brunch, but they broke me of my chicken ban, lol! I've been telling my husband about it so much that we are headed there for his birthday brunch next weekend, and I can't wait!

Special thanks to Caroline for helping me plan, Hawthorne for treating us like superstars and making our brunch amazing, and Fox Fete for the fun themed decor! And of course, thank you to all the lovely Bubbles & Bloggers ladies who came out to mingle and Barbie it up!


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