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Fab Friday: Rituska Inc

Like most people I have met through blogging, I met the owner of Rituska Inc on Instagram. I received a message from the owner, Rita, introducing herself and asking if I'd be interested in receiving a custom floral arrangement. I visited her page and said, ummm heck yes! I loved her paper flower creations and knew they'd be perfect for blog photo flatlays, backdrops, and various events!

Photo from Rituska Inc

Rituska Inc specializes in custom paper floral arrangements. Think floral backdrops, centerpieces, bouquets, and even paper goods. The creativity behind this concept is amazing- and whats best is it is all handmade! Rita is so talented it amazes me she can bring florals without flower to life! I received my custom florals and I was in love. My florals were custom picked by Rita for me based on my Instagram and she used pink, black, gold, and white. The florals came on a foam board with velcro for easy carrying and showing- I have it propped up by my vanity and I love looking at it! I've already used the florals for flatlays, my ELOQUII event last night (Rita even came and I got to meet her in person!), and created a Kendall Jenner inspired heart hair pic with Illusions of Georgetown and threw some florals in to amp up the pic.

Being so impressed by Rituska Inc, I decided I needed to do a Q&A with Rita on her fabulous brand. I hope you all enjoy this Q&A as much as I do- Rita's answers are amazing!

Photos from Rituska Inc.

Q & A with Rituska Inc

Q: What made you decide to start Rituska Inc? How long have you been in business?

A: I have started my company in 2013. I was planning my wedding and realized that my mother-in-law is very allergic to most blooms. I then spent weeks searching for plants that look pretty but do not bloom - I found plenty, yet none of them fit in to my idea of perfect wedding. So I figured I will just make my own.

Once I started I could not stop myself. It took me months to make my first backdrop ,centerpieces, bouquets and arch for my wedding. I have taught myself and figured out how to make every petal and every center. When it all came together even I was mesmerized.

During and after our wedding friends and family kept talking about how beautiful and original the decorations were, before I knew it I started getting calls and emails from friends-of-friends asking if I could do decor for their events.

I did my first Bridal Show on October 22 of that year and never looked back.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: I have always been an artistic person, when I was younger I loved to draw and considered a major in Fine Arts or Art History. I think everything around us is inspiring, there are so many things that makes me just want to get up and start creating immediately. It can be a random person's outfit at the grocery store or a color picture in my daughter's book.

My husband and I do love to travel, and everywhere we go I stop by an antique shop. I find vintage items very inspiring, beautiful and often handmade and not mass-produced they carry a sense of endearment to me, making me want to create something along those lines myself. In almost four years of business I have never created two flowers they were exactly the same.

Q: What has been your biggest success of Rituska Inc?

A: For me every event that has gone well is a success. While we do lots of pageants, charity events and corporate parties, my all time favorite events are weddings. A wedding is something most people dream of for many years, and regardless of whether its their first or fifth their family and friends are all there celebrating - everyone wants this day to be perfect.

I believe every wedding we have done has been our biggest success, I could not pick one, they all have been amazing and breath taking.

Q: If you could design a custom arrangement for any celebrity, who would it be and why?

A: Lisa Vanderpump is a celebrity that I would love to design an arrangement for. I think everything about her is classy and timeless, from her beauty to her taste. I also look up to how she does business, she is involved in all of her projects.

I think I could make a gorgeous pink rose wall decor for her and believe the day will come for me to do it!

Q: What does creativity mean to you?

A: Creativity means loving what you do and doing what you love. Every second I spend making flowers I truly enjoy. It means making something that makes others as happy as it makes me. I like creating new templates and arrangements - no flower is ever the same.

To learn more about Rituska Inc, visit:


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