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Austin Weston Center Event Recap

Last week I was invited to a blogger party at Austin Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery. A local PR friend of mine, Cris, is a client and friend of the center and wanted to show us all the procedures and skin treatments they offer. Cris also works for StyleMeBar, an on-demand hair and makeup service in the DC area, and they were a co-host of the event.

Now I'll be honest here- I didn't know what to expect. I'm intrigued by plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, but I'm not quite there in terms of having anything done. I personally feel like I'm too young, BUT, I've never been properly educated on the procedures, so I went eagerly to learn more.

When I arrived, my friend and DC stylist, Marisa, was having a Kybella treatment done. The Kybella treatment is an injection that reduces fat under your chin, drastically reducing the appearance of a double chin. Marisa had felt like it was something that bothered her, so she jumped at the opportunity to have it fixed. At the end of the day, if there is something on you that bothers you and you can have it fixed- then why not have it fixed?

The Kybella treatment was then followed by complimentary Botox injections and viewings. I decided to opt out of the Botox, but I watched and learned more about it. I learned that in addition to using Botox to reduce wrinkles and lines, it can also be used as a preventative treatment- which is what Dr. Knotts, one of the Surgeons at the center, recommended for the bloggers there who chose to receive the Botox.

Dr. Knotts then took us on a tour of the center. We learned about the various procedures they do, specifically breast implants. The center has a 3D Breast Imaging machine that legit takes an image of your chest and shows how your frame would look with implants of varying sizes. The technology is way cool, and while I wasn't brave enough to do an imaging, one of the StyleMeBar ladies tried it out and we got to see the imaging. Side note- if you're interested in breast implants, Austin Weston is offering 20% off for all you BITD readers!

We continued on to see the rest of the facility and learned about Cool Sculpting- something that I'm interested in, since its a non-surgical procedure. Cool Sculpting is a method of getting rid of unwanted fat, without an invasive surgery. The center also offers many, many more procedures- all can be seen here.

Thank you to Austin Weston for opening your doors to us and educating us on cosmetic procedures. Attending an informational session like this was well received by me, since it takes away the intimidation of going in alone to learn about the process. Like I stated above, the whole point of cosmetic surgery is a method to fix things that have bothered you- possibly even your whole life- and if its fixable, why not have it fixed if you have the means to do so?

Thank you also to StyleMeBar for co-hosting the event. It was a pleasure to meet the founder and owners, and I can't wait to use your services very soon!

For more information: Austin Weston Website | Facebook | Instagram

StyleMeBar Website | Facebook | Instagram

XOXO Blonde in the District

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