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Fab Friday: Golden Samovar Restaurant

Two weekends ago I was invited to a tasting dinner at Golden Samovar Restaurant in the Rockville Town Square for a tasting menu. My friend and blog partner, Rita of Rituska Inc, is friends with the owners of Golden Samovar and we made a double date out of the evening and brought our husbands for a fun night out. I had never been to the Rockville Town Square, so it was a nice change of scenery for the night.

Side note- who knew Rockville Town Square had a Vogue mural!?

My outfit details: Dress | Shoes (similar) | Bag

Golden Samovar is a family owned local restaurant that specializes in Russian and Central Asian cuisine and house made cocktails. While my mother in law is part Russian, I am still not too familiar with Russian cuisine, so I sort of went into the menu blindly and trusted Rita and her husband, Lou, to guide David and I through the menu. Our tasting menu came in four courses- appetizers and lighter food, a heavier course, a meat and fish course, and desserts. What stood out to me the most throughout the meal, was how colorful all of the dishes were and the presentation was outstanding. For some reason, when I think of Russian cuisine I don't automatically think of colorful dishes, so this surprised me in a good way to see how colorful everything was!

I'll admit I'm a bit of a picky eater, but for this dinner I threw all my caution to the wind and tasted almost every dish. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavors of all the fare and how unique and delicious each plate was. I particularly liked the meat and cheese pies, the salads, and the grilled veggies- I couldn't get enough! With dinner I had a wonderful tasting Russian white wine that I really enjoyed.

As we ate dinner, we talked about the restaurant that opened about a year ago. Rita told me about its backstory as a family business and all of the planing that went into the concept of the restaurant and all of the interior design work. The design effort definitely shines through, as its interior is absolutely gorgeous. The wallpaper is stunning, the curtains are lavish and beautiful, and they even have chandeliers! The restaurant has a grand bar area (with great Happy Hour specials!) and seated dining room area. On the weekends, a section of the dining room is turned into a dance floor with DJ at night, catering to those looking for lively nightlife in the Rockville Town Square. On Sundays they offer a $25 brunch with sangria- so you know I'll be back ASAP to try it! The restaurant is also great for large groups and weddings/events.

I loved the different experience of Golden Samovar Restaurant and especially loved the food. I appreciate a restaurant that caters to many, and that is what Golden Samovar does. It is a great food scene, bar scene, nightlife scene, and is also great for large group celebrations, events, or even weddings! If you ever find yourself in the Rockville Town Square, I recommend checking in and having lunch, dinner, or drinks at this beautiful establishment!

Golden Samovar Restaurant

201 N. Washington St, Rockville, MD 20850


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