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That's Money, Honey! - Getting Accepted to Like to Know It / Reward Style

Happy New Year, friends!! Today I'm kicking off the New Year with the next entry in Roxanne and I's That's Money, Honey blogging series! Last month we spoke about building your brand, and today we're talking about a key tool to help make you profit in blogging through Reward Style with tips on how to get accepted and how to utilize it, once accepted.

If you aren't familiar with Reward Style, it is an affiliate tool which is also used through the shopping app, Like to Know It, that you use to link items in your blog or social posts that earn you a commission if a sale if made through your link. I have been using Reward Style since April 2017 and I consider it to be a great asset to make some extra profit. That said, I personally found it to be super hard to get accepted to - literally, it took me 6 tries over a course of 2 years - and it also took Roxanne some time to get accepted, so we want to share our tips on what we did and how we changed up our approach to get in!

The first tip is consistency. I heard this from a few people, actually, when I was getting frustrated that I kept being declined. And it is so true, with blogging in general. Ultimately, Reward Style is going to accept those who are consistently posting about shopping, because they also are making a profit on sales made. So, if you are posting about a bunch of stuff but shopping isn't a focus, change it up to include consistent shopping-related posts. Add round-up's and link your outfits or products on all your blog posts. It doesn't have to solely be about style, either. For example, there are a ton of brands on the platform including home goods, lifestyle, beauty, etc, so even if you aren't a fashion blogger, you can still utilize the platform for your focus.

The second tip is to keep an open mind. I know first hand how frustrating the application process can be. It took me 6 tries to finally be accepted. Don't expect to be accepted on your first try, and be prepared to apply a few times. I remember being so frustrated at first and thinking "forget it" but after some time I decided to keep trying. In addition, don't expect a sure in because you have "x" amount of followers or blog readers. I've seen people with less than 1,000 Instagram followers accepted, and others with upwards of 50k aren't. This isn't a numbers game at all, its about whether your content matches Reward Style goals, which is ultimately sales. So, again- consistency is key!

Another big tip is quality. Are you producing quality, well thought out content? Or are you just writing a few words and saying "go buy this?" without any sort of thought behind it? This comes in the form of content creation- starting with a concept, high-quality styled photos, and a quality meaning behind why you are promoting an item. Is this item something you can't live without? Are you sharing a product review of a new facemask you love that makes your skin feel great? Is the item on a huge sale? Share all your thoughts on the item and why you are sharing it, because this is what sells. And Reward Style looks for this!

If you've been trying and trying, and still haven't been accepted, there are a few other things to consider trying. The first is to be referred by another Reward Style user. I personally didn't have this work for me, as 3 people referred me over the time I was applying, but I have heard its worked for others. The next is a tip that Roxanne actually shared with me when I was applying, to start using the LTKI hashtags in posts. I started doing this and after I did, I was finally accepted. I'm not sure if its because they see you in the hashtag and see you're serious about their platform or what, but it definitely seemed to work, in addition to being consistent and creating quality shopping focused posts. Strategically use the hashtags that are focused around your brand. Roxanne listed all of the LTKI hashtags in her post!

Now, once you're accepted, utilizing the tool is a whole other beast, lol! It definitely took me time to figure out how to fully utilize it. Take the time to actually watch or read the tutorials that are provided by Reward Style and try using all the widgets and linking tools to see what works best for your audience. Also don't expect to turn profit immediately. It took me about 3/4 months before I made a sale. Remember to use the widget, as well as links in the copy of your blog posts, and educate your audience that you can be found on the LTKI app!

I personally tried using the tool a number of ways, but I have found what works best is actual linked items in blog posts or by providing the link to my full look or linking individual items through Instagram Stories. The actual link in Instagram post barely brings me any profit, honestly. I still use it, but my main Reward Style traffic comes from blog posts or placing the link in stories or Facebook which is easier to click on for users. But, this is different for everyone depending on your audience, so try it all to see what is best for you!

Read Roxanne's tips on being accepted, and GOOD LUCK!!


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