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DIY: Face Mask Chain Holders

As a follow up to my Face Mask Styling Tips with Visit Alexandria, I wanted to highlight one of the features from my styling video- face mask chain holders! Admitedly, I got the idea for the chain holders when I saw some advertised online, but they were upwards of $60! I thought they were such a cute idea, but $60 seemed a bit steep for a chain holder, so I decided to take a try at making them myself!

DIY Face Mask Chain Holders

I took to Amazon and ordered supplies for both a floral and chain mask and I surprised myself at how EASY they were to create! The floral chains literally take about 5 minutes to make and the chain mask is just as easy, but take a bit longer if you add charms, like I did. See the super easy tutorial and links to the supplies below!


Blonde in the District


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