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DIY Elvis Garland

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

When thinking of my theme for holiday decor this year, I decided to really go big, as I was already staying home, LOL (get it- go big or go home?). For real, though, I started thinking about my holiday decor back in September as I knew I'd be at home a ton this season, and I may as well be surrounded by fun decorations that make me smile.

I decided this years theme is 'A Very Merry Kitch-mas' and with this comes fun, retro, and pink accents. I've always wanted a pink tree, so I bit the bullet and ordered a pink tree and ordered retro themed, whimsical, and colorful ornaments. When I finished decorating my tree though, I stood back and thought "somethings missing...". I took to google and searched for 'kitsch garland' thinking I wanted a tinsel or beaded garland. As I searched, I saw a DIY Elvis garland on Etsy and instantly thought- THAT'S IT.

For one, I have always loved Elvis and his music. Visiting Graceland is at the top of my bucket list (I plan to visit as soon as we can travel again!). Second, David and I were married in Las Vegas and will be celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary on Dec 28, and its widely known that Elvis is Vegas's unofficial mascot. I landed on this awesome Etsy shop that offers not only Elvis, but David Bowie, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, and Prince garland, and more, AND, there was a print out option to DIY. DIY has become a source of entertainment for me while spending more time at home, so I bought the digital download and hit up Michael's for a hole punch and ribbon.

I'm so pleased with the outcome and I smile every time I look at my tree. The Elvis garland is such a fun and different touch, so I wanted to share the details in case your tree is in need of some extra kitsch.


1. Purchase the digital download and print on heavy cardstock (I printed 6 pages of each page/color scheme for a total of 24 pages)

2. Cut out the printout (this part takes sometime- I used scissors but you could also use an X-acto knife)

3. Punch holes in either side of the print (for Elvis I punched the holes by the arms)

4. Arrange the cut-outs how you want them (I arranged mine by color)

5. Sting ribbon through the cut-out, so the ribbon is on the back of the cut-out

6. Hang garland & admire!


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